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The Sims Mobile: Welcoming Winterfest Head Start Quest Walkthrough

The Sims Mobile Team provided us with a complete walkthrough of the Welcoming Winterfest Head Start Quest! This 28-part Quest is going to help you prepare for the big Winterfest Event which is going to be available later on.

This limited-time quest is now live and will be available for the next 7 days. Here are all the steps you need to take in order to fully complete it:

  • Part 1 – Earn 25 Simoleons.
  • Part 2 – Ask 5 Sims about getting into the Winterfest Spirit.
  • Part 3 – Watch “A Winterfest Prince”.
  • Part 4 – Practice Winterfest caroling 3 times.
  • Part 5 – Complete 3 Events.
  • Part 6 – Plan out Winterfest home decorations.
  • Part 7 – Earn 650 Simoleons.
  • Part 8 – Complete the “Cafe Caroling” event.
  • Part 9 – Earn 3 stars at a party.
  • Part 10 – Complete the “Winterfest Fashion” event.
  • Part 11 – Give stickers to 4 Sims.
  • Part 12 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
  • Part 13 – Give 5 Sims homemade pie.
  • Part 14 – Complete the “Cafe Caroling” event.
  • Part 15 – Plan to one-up the neighbors’ decorations.
  • Part 16 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
  • Part 17 – Share love of Winterfest log channel with 3 Sims.
  • Part 18 – Complete the “Winterfest Fashion” event.
  • Part 19 – Winterfest Dance with 3 Sims.
  • Part 20 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
  • Part 21 – Give a Winterfest spirit hug to 5 Sims.
  • Part 22 – Complete the “Cafe Caroling” event.
  • Part 23 – Chug eggnog at the fridge.
  • Part 24 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks.
  • Part 25 – Earn 650 Simoleons.
  • Part 26 – Complete the “Winterfest Fashion” event.
  • Part 27 – Give 3 Sims a Winterfest present.
  • Part 28 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks.

The latest quest also comes with a brand new Chest – Holiday Decorations! For 25 SimCash you are able to purchase the Holiday Decorations Chest and get one of the 4 items including:

  • Freezer Bunny Bells
  • Landgraab Strands
  • Landgraab String Lights
  • Simoleons

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  • Just like the last quest this doesn’t work! I’m stuck at step 5. I sent my sim to do part 5 and when I went back later my sim was at work. Now I have no option to send a sim.
    Also my sims had lost the ability to do quick and long career events making some tasks difficult.
    Hurry up and fix your issues before I give up!

    • My game hasn’t been saving when I close it. I completed a long work task, then played for 30 minutes & closed the app. When I got back on 15 minutes later, it still had me waiting to collect my rewards from my long work task.

  • I didn’t receive the toy soldier reward after completing part 7. ☹

    Who would I contact about that?

    Also, why is there no rhyme or reason to our inventory?? Everything is in there like a free-for-all! Shouldn’t it be organized by either alphabetically, date received, category of item (bedroom, etc).

    It should be organized by something… ANYTHING!
    Any criteria will do, but just do it.