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  1. Simcraft81
  2. Jeremia_Lecato
    I'm so excited when Get Famous has finally showed up y'all! I'm sorry for everything I did something rude to y'all! Can y'all forgive me?
  3. Simcraft81
  4. blazedflatline
    blazedflatline Tatiana
    hey, can i ask you something :(
  5. Simcraft81
  6. Simcraft81
  7. Jeremia_Lecato
    Jeremia_Lecato jovjovan
    Hello Jov! Is Kai Chen offline? I've been looking for him for long time since he doesn't speak to me.
  8. Jeremia_Lecato
    Jeremia_Lecato Kai Chen
    Kai! I want to apologize.
  9. Jeremia_Lecato
    Kai! I went into this site to apologize. And when I saw shocked me.
  10. Jeremia_Lecato
    Where is everybody?
  11. Simcraft81
  12. ghostmelonghost
    ghostmelonghost jovjovan
    No way, I'm from Bosnia too!
  13. Simarvellous
    "I try to keep everyone happy, but sometimes that means not being happy myself." - Anonymous.
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