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New Profile Posts

  1. Leonardo Vicente
    Leonardo Vicente
    ---- PLAY WITH LIFE ----
  2. ZokuRumba
    Anyone still play mabinogi?
  3. Piinkiebabe2
  4. tbwktm
    Started a few days ago the 'Not So Berry Challenge', I really like it so far :3
  5. ZokuRumba
    Working on a new chapter of Lost Girl. It's my first TS4 story, so I'm trying to stay organized. Arrgh.
  6. DragonFinderOfVenus
    DragonFinderOfVenus ZokuRumba
    Thanks for the like on the media I posted of my video :)
    1. ZokuRumba likes this.
    2. ZokuRumba
      No problem. Never thought of playing with the Sims 1 cam before. Makes the game feel older. Lawl.
      Jul 31, 2017
      DragonFinderOfVenus likes this.
  7. ZokuRumba
    Having trouble building matching homes in Oasis Springs. What is the architectural theme is used in O.S.? *feeling stupid*