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Custom Work

Sims stuff I made in Photoshop

NaterXander, Jul 25, 2015
    • leo3487
      I have at The Sims 3 a world than has no artbox here

      Monte Vista
    • NaterXander
      @leo3487 Monte Vista was released as a physical copy as well as being released in the Sims 3 store, so I never made box art for it as it already had a legitimate one.
    • Rating:
      Top quality box arts! Still loving them. =)
    • CanadianRyan
      When do you think you'll have Kid's Stuff Pack?
    • NaterXander
      @CanadianRyan Just uploaded it. I was in Costa Rica on vacation, so I couldn't make it until today. Sorry for the wait.
    • Unicorndemonn
      Thank you so much!!!! Will the new game packs and stuff packs come? I'd love to complete my collection :)
    • Rating:
      Just discovered this while I was googling cover art for various Sims 4 packs to print off. I love what you have going here, but it looks like there hasn't been any additions since 2016. I suppose I should assume that this will no longer be updated. :brokenheart::crying:
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