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Epic Life Span (Including Toddlers) 2017-01-15

It's a Customised Life Span Length Mod that makes sims' lives epically long.

  1. Kai Chen
    Sims 4 Version Required:
    Any version after January 2017 and possibly any after too. It's not a conflicting mod.
    Baby: 10 days.
    Toddler: 75 days.
    Child: 75 days.
    Teen: 75 days.
    Young Adult: 300 days.
    Adult: 300 days.
    Elder: 165 days.

    Total Life Span: 1000 days.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Valdesca
    Version: 2017-01-15
    i need this life span couse i like play with all sims getting older at same time, played and not played , so i have time to play several families in same period.. i also check often no agging at all. thanks.