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FRINE Leggings 2016-11-26

Sporty Leggings from the FRINE COllection

  1. Simproved
    leggingsthumb.jpg These leggings are part of my #Frine Collection!

    You can consider #Frine as a new brand for your sims, mostly producing sportswear or everything that could be sold as merchandise.
    The Frine Collection always comes in a light blue or white. Different patches of #Frine logos or the heart with the two founders in it are on the clothing.

    Frine is the shipping name of the youtubers Simproved (Fry) [ https://www.youtube.com/Simproved ] and FrolleinCeline (Celine) [ https://www.youtube.com/frolleinceline ]. I personally wanted to create some CC for my fans so they have something related to our youtube channels in game. I thought it would be interesting for others aswell. Maybe you like the Frine Collection and want to use it in your game.