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Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Game Packs) 3.0

Hair recolours for kids that let them inherit unnatural colours from parents.

  1. Not Compatible with May 25, 2017 Patch

    For whatever reason, today's patch has broken my hair recolours. They won't damage your game but the swatches are mixed up and the game is overriding the default swatches with my custom ones. Until I get a chance to sort this out, I recommend taking this resource out of your game. I'll update when I have a compatible version of this resource ready.
  2. Vampires Child Hair Added

    I made an oopsie and for some reason didn't include the Vampires child hair in the game pack resource even though I said that I did. Sorry about that. I have no idea how that happened but it should be there now.
  3. 3.0

    Added the hair from the Vampires game pack.