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Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Toddlers (Stuff Packs) 1.0

Hair recolours for toddlers that let them inherit unnatural colours from parents.

  1. White Versions Now Available!

    By popular request, I finally got around to making white versions of all the kid and toddler hair in the game. I won't be making the brown salt and pepper version since to me, that seems like it only belongs on middle-aged Sims who are in the process of going grey.

    The white versions are separate downloads so no need to redownload this resource.

    White Kid Hair: http://simscommunity.info/social/re...olours-for-kids-white-versions-all-packs.378/...
  2. Compatible with Cats & Dogs Patch

    My hair was one of the few things the Cats & Dogs patch didn't break, yay! That said, I've gotten reports of two hairs having incorrect swatches, so I'll be taking a look at that to get it fixed up as soon as I can. In the meantime, it shouldn't cause major issues.
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