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Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Toddlers (White Versions - All Packs) 1.0

White hair recolours for toddlers that they can inherit from their parents.

  1. SnarkyWitch
    Sims 4 Version Required:

    By popular request, I've finally gotten around to creating white versions of all the toddler hair in the game. Just like with my other five unnatural colours for toddlers and kids, your little Sims will be able to inherit white hair from their parents.​


    This download contains white versions of every toddler hair in the game for every pack. These recolours can be used at the same time as my other unnatural kid and toddler hair colours (in fact, they're intended to be used together). The hair is organized by folder so when you download, keep the ones for the packs you have and discard the rest.

    Having the white swatch available for toddlers allows them to be born with white hair if one of their parents have white hair. You can also manually select the white swatch for your tots in CAS.

    The hair recolours are all Maxis match, they use the same textures as the original hair so they don't look out of place.

    THIS DOWNLOAD ONLY CONTAINS THE WHITE VERSIONS OF THE TODDLER HAIR! If you're looking for the other unnatural colours or the white versions of the child hair, you can get them at the following links. All of my resources are hosted here on Sims Community:​

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Base Game, Part 1)
    All the female child hair from the base game.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Base Game, Part 2)
    All the male and unisex child hair from the base game.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Expansions)
    All the child hair from Get To Work, Get Together, and Cats & Dogs.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Game Packs)
    All child hair from Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Vampires, and Parenthood.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (Stuff Packs)
    All the child hair from Perfect Patio, Spooky, Romantic Garden, Kids Room, Backyard, Vintage Glamour, and Holiday Celebration.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Toddlers
    All toddler hair from the January 2017 patch.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Toddlers (Stuff Packs)
    All toddler hair from the Toddler Stuff pack.

    Genetic Unnatural Hair Colours for Kids (White Versions - All Packs)
    White versions of all the child hair from the base game and all packs.​




    Q: Is this a mod or CC?
    A: This is CC, not a mod. I have recoloured all the toddler hairstyles in the game to add the white swatch available to adults. All the recoloured hair is genetic. Any Sims with white hair will now have a chance of passing on their hair colour to their children.

    Q: What about Game Packs, Stuff Packs and Expansions? I don't have all of them. Can I still download these?
    A: Yes! This download is separated by pack in folders when you unzip. This makes it easy to only install the ones that you have the packs for. If you only have the base game, only install the folder marked BG. If you have Toddler Stuff, put the folder marked TS into your Mods folder along with the BG folder. I plan to update and add more downloads for each add-on as they're released so if you get a new add-on that comes with new toddler hair, just come back here to install the download for your latest add-on.

    Q: Are these default replacements?
    A: Nope! These just add the white swatch to your toddler hair in the game. They don't replace any existing colours. Your toddler Sims can still have all the existing hair colours in the game in addition to this new colour.

    Q: So will my Sims with white hair always have children with white hair?
    A: It depends on the other parent's hair colour and the game's random mutation chance. I haven't changed the way genetics works in the game, I've just added unnatural colours for toddlers. If a Sim with white hair has a child with a blonde Sim, the child could have blonde hair or white hair. If two Sims with white hair have a child, the child will almost always have white hair, except in cases where a genetic mutation happens and they end up with a random hair colour instead. The game's designed to allow for a random gene a small percentage of the time, so two white-haired Sims might occasionally have a child with a different hair colour but will usually only have white-haired children.

    Q: Will this work for custom hair, too?
    A: It may or it may not, depending on what colour categories the creator has enabled for their hair. Creators all use their own colour palettes when creating custom hair as well so another creator's white could look completely different from my white. All I can really guarantee is that all the Maxis hairs match with my recolours, sorry!

    Q: My child Sims still have normal-coloured eyebrows!
    A: That's normal. To have matching eyebrows, I'd have to recolour all the toddler eyebrows in the game to match the hair, which I have not done. I might take this on soon, though, since I'd also like to have toddler eyebrows match the recoloured hair, so I'll keep you posted!

    Q: If I get new packs or if the game updates, can I still use these?
    A: Yep! If you install a new pack that I haven't updated for, you can still use these hair recolours, you just won't have the white swatch for the new hair that came with the pack. These should also all work fine after most game updates (but since I can't predict what future updates might do to the game, I can't guarantee that). As always, remove your entire Mods folder before updating the game or installing new packs.​
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