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Go to School Mod Pack 4

Follow your Sims to school and complete goals to gain performance.

  1. Zerbu
    Required Sims 4 Packs:
    • Get to Work
    The Venue Changes Mod is required for custom venues to be available: http://simscommunity.info/social/resources/venue-list.49/

    Follow your Sims to school and help them achieve their education. Attend a different subject every day with the teacher NPC, and demonstrate your knowledge through activity goals. Bored? See the Counsellor for a boost of spirit. Want more to do? Elementary students can apply for special opportunities (unlockable aspirations) from the Principal for a chance to earn Emblems and redeem them for reward traits that will help them later in life.

    That’s not all! Older Sims (or unusually gifted Child Sims who have succeeded in boosting their adult skills) can pass their knowledge onto other Sims and teach entire classes with the podium.

    The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack was first released on May 2015 and offered a simple event where Child and Teen Sims would go to school and complete goals which would boost their grade. This new version vastly expands the original experience into a whole new mode of gameplay.

    *Go to School requires Get to Work to function. Some opportunities require Get Together or City Living, but you can still play without them.
    • For the first time, classrooms function like a real classrooms. A Teacher NPC stands and teaches a class of students.
    • There's also a Principal, Caterer, Janitor and even a school Counsellor who can eliminate school boredom.
    • As with previous versions, there are both Elementary and High Schools available for Child and Teen Sims respectively.
    • There are five subjects: Personal Development, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Health and Fitness and Science and Technology. Each day offers a different subject.
    • Sims can even declare their liked and disliked subject with the “Declare Subject” pie menu of social interactions, and will receive special Moodlets on the days of their chosen subjects. A Sim’s liked subject also determines which special opportunity is available to them. Not happy with your choice? Get to know the Counsellor to unlock the “Undeclare Subjects” interaction on them.
    • After completing enough activity-based goals, the player can call for a lunch break, which will spawn goals for socialising with students.
    • Elementary students can apply for special opportunities (unlockable aspirations) from the Principal which, on completion, will grant the student Emblems that can be redeemed for reward traits that double the boost rates of specific adult skills.
    • On certain days, the Teacher may be replaced by guest speakers from the Doctor, Detective and Scientist careers.
    • Sims who have achieved level 6 of a skill (level 5 for minor skills) can pass on knowledge to their children, friends, partners, roommates, random people on the street, you name it, with new social interactions.
    • At level 8 or above, Sims can teach entire classes using the podium.
    • Do service to your community with two new aspirations: Start with one of these aspirations to gain the Human Library reward trait, which will unlock the social interactions at just at level 4. Become a Renowned Teacher and earn the Teacher’s Handbook trait, which allows Sims to start teaching entire classes at just level 2, or become a Knowledge Pixie and earn the Tutor trait, which increases the effect of sharing knowledge through social interactions.
    • Go to School adds two new venue types: Elementary School and High School. In order for the mod to work, you’ll need to place these lots somewhere in your game, otherwise you won’t receive the option to follow your Sim to school. You can find these venues on the gallery, or you can build your own.
    Known Issues
    • When placing a school lot from the gallery, the game doesn’t always automatically recognise it, and therefore you won’t get the option to follow your Sim to school. To fix this problem, change the lot to a random type, exit Build Mode, enter Build Mode again then change it back.
    • There are no promises that there aren’t still unknown bugs. If you find any bugs, please report them. If the bug occurs during an active school day, please state the current day of the week in game as this could have an effect. This is the most complex mod I’ve ever created, and it was impossible to test in every possible situation. I sent the mod out to testers before release, but there’s still no guarantee there aren’t bugs that haven’t been spotted yet.
    • Remember, problems with the game engine won’t suddenly disappear while your Sims are attending a school day.
    • Objects in the school lot should be as close together as possible to ensure you have enough time to complete goals.


    1. Go to School.png

Recent Updates

  1. Reupload
  2. Patch Update
  3. Major Version Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Owlly47
    Version: 4
    Love the mod but for some reason the education careers don't work for me, whenever I have a sim take up either the elementary or high school career when it's time for them to go to work their icon greys out like if they're going to work but they don't go anywhere and continue on like they don't have a job.
  2. RaboriX
    Version: 4
    I just love this mod, so thank you Zerbu! Being able to follow my Sims to school is just amazing and I also love the new aspirations and the knowledge sharing ability!

    But (like many others) I'm having problems in going to school all of a sudden and I don't seem to have the new venue type options, only the older versions which don't work...

    I also have a problem which I didn't notice others had: I cannot complete the final task for the "Knowledge Pixie" aspiration. The task was something like: "Initiate sharing knowledge with non-household friends 25 times" but it keeps saying "0/25" . I have tried it with non-household sims, with both my playable active and non-active household sims, and I've also tried making absolutely sure that the non-household sims were homeless, but nothing seemed to work. I tried both to prefer and to avoid doing this with members of any clubs. And I also tried to use the "ask about skill knowledge" option instead, but still nothing. Sharing knowledge works flawlessly and I could complete all of the other tasks wich didn't determine with whom knowledge sharing should have been initiated. I also tested this on many different kinds of lots. My sim is a young adult male. I have got: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Parenthood and Holiday Celebration Pack just to let you know... :) And thank you so much for this and the Go to Work mod! They're awesome, you're awesome!!!
  3. yumanaa
    Version: 4
    Tried adding the reuploaded version, but the podium interactions still aren't coming up and the teacher and kids all reset whenever they try interacting with it...
  4. BlackWidow
    Version: 4
    One of my favorite mods, i cannot wait until the new update is finished. Zerbu is Awesome!!
  5. miho88
    Version: 4
    i downloaded this mod, I did everything like changing the venue to random and changing it back to highschool, deleted the mods and redownloaded it, change the school building, I even built a school but still when i choose join, it just bring to the world map menu, how can i fix this!?
  6. Annie Chen
    Annie Chen
    Version: 4
    I use to have a ton of the problems everyone else seems to have, but I figured out what was wrong, and I suppose I should tell you how I fixed everything, and maybe help some people.

    If you can't see the "Elementary/High school" venue option, make sure you delete ALL of the old venue mod before you download the new one, and if you want to be super safe, maybe re download the Get To School mod as well. I'm not sure if you have to do this, but I deleted any mods I had that had to do with school just encase.

    The teacher podium only works if there is just one in the school; having multiple screws with the coding I guess. Took me a while to figure this one out.

    Hope this helps!

    This mod is AWESOME by the way.
  7. DongleDangle
  8. piratezevelyn
    Version: 4
    I used to have this mod and It's so fun, but I had trouble with my computer and had to get take out all mods and cc. I have a new computer now so I just downloaded the new version. I can't follow my sims to school and I tried to do the thing where you change the venue type to fix it but It won't let me change it. It says "can't change type on special lots" or something along that line. Has anyone else had this problem. I know I see a lot of people talking about not being able to follow sims to school or the podium resetting them. I feel bad even saying anything because I know Zerbu is having some problems and isn't modding right now.
  9. llamaqueen123
    Version: 4
    I CANT FOLLOW MY SIMS TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason I did everything it said to do, but it will still not let me go to school with my sims. Please help me. If you know how to be able to go to school with the sims, please tell me how.
  10. Llallos
    Version: 4
    This is a great mod, except for the fact that the podium won't work! I wish Zerbu would come back to fix it, or someone else would. Such a shame! I wish I could fix it.