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Mod Constructor 2

Create your own gameplay mods with Mod Constructor and enhance the game experience.

  1. Version Update

    I've updated the version uploaded to Sims Community to the newest version.
  2. Patch Update

    I have fixed an issue caused by the patch preventing gameplay effect modifiers on buffs generated with the program from working.
  3. Bug Fix + Other Updates

    I’ve fixed a bug in Mod Constructor related to how text strings are exported. It turns out characters that take up multiple bytes will break the export system and prevent you from exporting as a package with no explanation.

    This update also comes with several other updates I was currently working on:

    • Resources in the tree are now ordered by label instead of by the internal resource name. They will also remain in the same order when you save and reload.
    • You can now edit a...
  4. Default Setting Update

    Minor update: Short Conditional Buff will now default to decaying in the background when playing off lot.
  5. New Test Conditions

    • Lot Owner Test checks if the subject (by default, the active household) is the owner of the current lot, and can be used to have Sims react to being at their home lot, an owned Retail lot or a rented lot (rented lots count as “owned” by the game). You can combine this with a Location Test if you only want to test for one type of lot.
    • Time Test checks for the current day (Monday-Sunday) as well as the current hour range.
    • Retail Open Test checks if the...
  6. Always Active Buff Fix

    I've fixed an error with how Mod Constructor generates always active buffs:
    • The "Short Conditional Buff" template now creates a commodity buff, instead of a regular one. This way, the buffs UI won't always refresh itself.
    • "Add Emotion Category" is no longer enabled by default.
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