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Latest Reviews

  1. sissybel
    Version: 2016-01-18
    il ne fonctionne pas
  2. RaboriX
    Version: 4
    I just love this mod, so thank you Zerbu! Being able to follow my Sims to school is just amazing and I also love the new aspirations and the knowledge sharing ability!

    But (like many others) I'm having problems in going to school all of a sudden and I don't seem to have the new venue type options, only the older versions which don't work...

    I also have a problem which I didn't notice others had: I cannot complete the final task for the "Knowledge Pixie" aspiration. The task was something like: "Initiate sharing knowledge with non-household friends 25 times" but it keeps saying "0/25" . I have tried it with non-household sims, with both my playable active and non-active household sims, and I've also tried making absolutely sure that the non-household sims were homeless, but nothing seemed to work. I tried both to prefer and to avoid doing this with members of any clubs. And I also tried to use the "ask about skill knowledge" option instead, but still nothing. Sharing knowledge works flawlessly and I could complete all of the other tasks wich didn't determine with whom knowledge sharing should have been initiated. I also tested this on many different kinds of lots. My sim is a young adult male. I have got: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Parenthood and Holiday Celebration Pack just to let you know... :) And thank you so much for this and the Go to Work mod! They're awesome, you're awesome!!!