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Venue List 2016-01-18

This mod is required for modded venue types to be available.

  1. Zerbu
    Sims 4 Version Required:
    If you use mods that add new venue types, you will need this mod for them to be available to select in Build Mode.

Recent Updates

  1. Update
  2. Patch Update
  3. Game Pack Update

Recent Reviews

  1. sissybel
    Version: 2016-01-18
    il ne fonctionne pas
  2. Kadejah
    Version: 2016-01-18
    It wont even list it as school, therefore this mod doesent work for me
  3. The SimPatia
    The SimPatia
    Version: 2016-01-18
    Wow thank you so much...i will try it immediately! <3
  4. Tabitha Cherry
    Tabitha Cherry
    Version: 2016-01-18
    I only have the Old Schools and my kids go to school without giving me the option to join them
  5. piratezevelyn
    Version: 2016-01-18
    I love all of Zerbus mods but the go to school one is my favorite
  6. epop99
    Version: 2016-01-18
    thank you!! great amazing somebody did this :)
  7. IhateMakingUsernames
    Version: 2016-01-18
    The new versions of the Venues are not included here, which is preventing people from playing with Go To School.
  8. Indy Rikerd
    Indy Rikerd
    Version: 2016-01-18
    I can not find the new versions of the school. Help?
  9. Blacklight22
    Version: 2016-01-18
    go to school mod is not working
  10. jiunnie
    Version: 2016-01-18
    Same problem with Curahix and eviao12
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