100 Crazy Cats (or Dogs)

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by RogueComet, Nov 13, 2017.

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    This is a variation on the 100-baby challenge, but with the new Cats and Dogs expansion, it is all about breeding animals instead of people.

    The purpose of this challenge is to go through 100 cats (or dogs if you prefer) as quickly as possible with your sim. You loose the challenge if your sim dies before the 100th animal is aged up to an adult.

    • Create one human or alien sim. (Sorry no vampires.)
      • Any aspiration is OK although I recommend Friend of the Animals for an easier time.
      • Traits must include "Insane" but the other two are up to you.
    • Also create one Pet for your household.
      • Any traits are OK for your first pet.
    • Pick any lot you desire for the challenge in any world. Choose carefully though because you won't be moving once the challenge starts and you will stay in that lot full-time. I recommend a large lot so you will have room for plenty of pet objects you might normally only find at a park.
    • On your lot buy one pet exam table.
    • Once you pick Lot Traits, you may NOT change them for the rest of the challenge. Choose wisely.
    • Set life-span to normal and make sure sims age normally.
    Now that your initial family is created it is time to get to work on making fur-babies.

    Human Rules:
    • You may never bring another human sim into your family. No human babies allowed. It is acceptable to have a significant other, but they can't join your household.
    • Sorry, no leaving the lot. You can't even go to the vet to get your pets healthy (which is why you purchased the vet exam table already for yourself.)
    • You need to figure out a way for your sim to make enough money to live on without leaving the lot. Sorry, no having a job unless it is one you can do full-time from home.
    • You also need to find a way to keep your sim alive long enough to go age up 100 pets to adult. Honestly, if you have a pet that is a companion, you can get an easy 200 aspiration points over and over from your pet so buying Potions of Youth shouldn't be a problem.
    Pet Rules:
    • Bringing more pets into your household is OK although they do not count towards the 100 fur-baby count.
    • When a pet is born in the household and ages up to adult, you may count it towards the 100 counter.
    • Pets may be put up for adoption only after they have aged up to elder. You may also keep them in the family until they die of natural causes if you so desire.
      • This challenge isn't about breeding tons of animals. The challenge is instead about having a family of animals that goes on and on. Would a crazy cat-lady get rid of her cats shortly after they were born or keep them and have an even larger family of pets?
    • As new pets are born, choose their traits randomly using a random number generator (until someone builds a website with a trait generator for pets this is the best way). Alternatively you could roll a 20-sided die to generate traits (since for now, there is under 20 traits for pets).
    • Try to have your pet breed with as many other pets as possible to get new genes in each generation. You can bring in strays or you can adopt by computer.
    Other Rules:
    • Try not to use Custom Content that will give you an advantage over base-game items. Sure that bed you downloaded is super comfy but it probably doesn't have a price tag to match it's stats.
    • The only cheats allowed would be bb.moveobjects and resetting sims who are bugged. No other cheats.
    • You may use any service you wish (like maids/etc) but you may not get the free-services reward trait.
    • Clubs are OK although all club activities must take place on your lot since you aren't allowed to leave.
    • If your sim dies before the 100th pet is born and aged to adult, you loose the challenge.
    • You may explore the neighborhood where your home is at, but you may not leave the lot to visit the inside of the other buildings in your neighborhood. Also, sorry, no park visits allowed. No traveling of any type really.
    Other than those rules, play is fairly straight forward. Keep your pets happy, breed new fur-babies, and have a continuous line of 100 pets from your original pet that you created.

    This the first challenge I've typed up. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy this challenge!
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    O_O OMG difficult. But may be I'll try it when I buy the game xD

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