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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by fullspiral, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. fullspiral

    Premium Member

    13 YA women and 13 YA men. Your task is to assign a male and female to every career in the game.

    1. All aspirations are to be fabulously wealthy.
    2. They can only live in a 1 bdrm house alone.
    3. They cannot go on dates or have bfs or gfs.
    4. They must go out once a week to meet new sims and socialize.
    5. They cannot move, or build until they reach the top of their career.
    6. You must switch rotation every Sim Sunday at 6AM.
    7. The next sim to play is drawn from a "hat". You cannot choose a sim to play.
    8. After the 5th time playing a single sim, you cannot control them or their actions when they go out. It will strictly be them doing what they want to do and talking to who they want to.

    The first goal is to finish a career, but during this time the sims must meet as many "eligibles" from the 26 as they can and must start forming relations with as many as they can because the goal will then be to let them choose who they want to be with to make a family.

    If you see a couple forming on their own, they cannot move in together until both have finished their respective careers.

    After they have finished their careers, you can then choose to change their aspirations (have them quit jobs with severance packages if desired)

    Once they have done all this, then it is up to you how to play them.

    But remember. Let THEM decide who their partner will be!
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  2. rialrees

    Premium Member

    sounds like a really fun challenge - and boy, there's gonna be some rich families in that neighbourhood! Bogged down with challenges at the moment, but definitely storing this one in my to-play list!
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  3. fullspiral

    Premium Member

    It's a WIP. I'm taking a lot of notes!
  4. MRTSims

    MRTSims Unicorn Enthusiast
    Platinum Member

    An Actor in my dreams .-.
    Sounds fun!
  5. fullspiral

    Premium Member

    I started off todays session with Jayce. He didn't have much luck with meeting new sims because I have not seen him on any public lots yet so it was starting fresh with him, his career and his acquaintances. He did manage to meet a few on his last night of my rotation with him. He went out and was able to start a bit of flirting with Lori.

    The next name pulled from the hat was Ryan Summers. Because Ryan has been seen around town during many of the other rotations, it was much easier for him to advance his relationships. He managed to advance interest with Maka, Yvette, and Lori.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As I said, the goal in the early rounds is to get them in as many romantic relationships as they can for when you do not control who they choose toward the end of the first stage of the challenge and the time that you no longer control who they talk to when they are out.
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  6. 20_Kman_02
    Very Happy

    Looks cool! I like the random rotations, a new element of play for me ;)

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