Best Ways to Raise (and Lower) Character Values

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Parenthood' started by SnarkyWitch, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    I've been playing Parenthood non-stop since this pack came out and I've found out a lot of different ways to raise and lower the character values. I have a household with four children. Rashad, Hakim, Hashim and Tazreen.

    Rashad is the oldest child who's set to become a teen in a couple days. He's an A student. He's maxed out his Empathy and Responsibility values already and almost has his Emotional Control maxed out as well.

    Hakim and Hashim are twins and the middle children. They're both B students. Hakim is pretty neutral with all of his values right now, but his brother, Hashim, is shaping up to be quite the little demon spawn. He's enemies with his twin brother and with several of his neighbours. His Empathy and Emotional Control are both tanked, but his Responsibility is doing fairly well thanks to his mother's insistence that he do his homework every night and complete any school projects he comes home with.

    Tazreen is the youngest and the only girl. She's a toddler with the Angelic trait so she never misbehaves, which means her character values are all pretty neutral as well since she doesn't give her parents much of an opportunity to scold her for bad behaviour.

    As you can see, I have a fair bit of variety in the kids in my household and how they're being brought up. The most valuable thing I've learned by exploring all these different avenues with these kids is that not every action will affect character values by the same amount. There are more effective and less effective ways to raise/lower values so I'm going to break them down.

      Raising Empathy
      Most Effective: Playing with the doctor playset
      Least Effective: Random Friendly socials

      Lowering Empathy
      Most Effective: Trolling the Forums (it takes a while to make a dent but it's a fairly easy way to tank your kid's Empathy without having to destroy all their relationships in the process)
      Least Effective: Yell At (Mean Social)

      Raising Emotional Control
      Most Effective: "Play with Emotion" with toy box toys
      Least Effective: Writing in a journal

      Lowering Emotional Control
      Most Effective: Shoving
      Least Effective: Throwing a Tantrum or having a crying fit (it's not that they're not effective, it's just that they can't do those things unless they're angry or sad, which means you don't get enough opportunities to have them do this for it to matter much)

      Raising Conflict Resolution
      Most Effective: Attempting to fix a bad relationship between two other Sims
      Least Effective: Apologizing (Friendly Social after a negative interaction)

      Lowering Conflict Resolution
      Most Effective: Declaring an Enemy, Reaching Despised status with another Sim
      Least Effective: Arguing (Mean Social)

      Raising Responsibility
      Most Effective: Coming home from school with an A grade, Completing School Projects
      Least Effective: Putting toys away

      Lowering Responsibility
      Most Effective: Coming home from school with a D grade, Making a Mess (toddlers and children only)
      Least Effective: Breaking Curfew (you'd need to have your Sim stay out all night long to make a significant dent in the Responsibility value for breaking a curfew)

      Raising Manners
      Most Effective: Setting the Table (most effective if done before every meal), cleaning up after meals
      Least Effective: Teach to Say Please and Thank You (again, you'd have to do this for hours on end to make any significant kind of progress and by then the kid is usually bored from being lectured for so long)

      Lowering Manners
      Most Effective: Belching, Farting
      Least Effective: Shout Forbidden Words
    Out of all the character values, I've found that the easiest one to raise is Responsibility. You can max it out with very little effort on your part. Just make sure your kid does their homework every night and finishes any school projects they bring home (definitely have a parent help if you can, I always select the careful option and have at least one parent help and the projects always end up being Excellent quality). Eventually they'll get an A from the homework and projects and every night they come home with that grade, their Responsibility will get a large boost.

    The most difficult value to raise is Conflict Resolution. This is mostly because the only way to raise it seems to be by either knowing two Sims who are enemies (and both those Sims have to be nearby) and trying to be a mediator by fixing their relationship or by repeatedly getting into arguments with Sims just to apologize which seems to defeat the point in a sense.

    Let me know if you think there's something I missed that does the job better! I really want to become a pro at raising either good or bad kids as I see fit.
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  2. Zeusmomo

    Really Helpful! Thanks for Sharing!
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  3. Kai Chen

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    Staff Member

    Great guide!
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  4. Mrs Crumplebottom

    MMA Fighter
    How does one "play with emotion" with the toy box? I click on it and it just says "open" or "play with toy"
  5. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    Take the toy out of the toy box and place it anywhere, then click on it. For some reason, the "Play with Emotion" option isn't there when you're clicking on toys inside the toy box.
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  6. FlamingChemist

    It may not be very satisfying, but I realized you can have a sim insult their parent, immediately apologize, then have the parent encourage apologizing to add even more conflict resolution points!

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