Can anyone read LastCrash files???!!! NEED HELP!

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Simanoid, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Simanoid
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    I have uploaded two various LastCrash files. Can anyone read them and tell me something about them? I have been having terrible crash issues for 4 months and just can't resolve it regardless... with whatever I do... nothing is working for me.


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  2. C Meki

    C Meki

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    I know it has been a few weeks, did you get any help? LastCrash-files are usually very hard to read, but if you put in your DxDiag maybe I can see if something is wrong there?
    Google "EA how to gather a dxdiag" and instructions should turn up (cannot post links)
  3. Simanoid
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    Hello. Thanks for a response. sure I can gather one for you. I am still experiencing crashing. and the worst part is that its the TS4.exe that's crashing itself and I have no idea what to do anymore. Please feel free to ask any further questions. Been through 10 advisers already. I can also send a different file in which i sent to them. It's not updated in terms of advisers. but it has some information regarding my issue that i have typed.

    Hello there,

    Thank you for responding. If I may I’d like to explain to you my issue and what I have done.

    Here’s what I have typed as a brief outline as to what I spent my whole December doing:

    The Sims 4 Game has been crashing badly for 3 months.

    I have tried all methods required of me to do from 5 advisors.

    ID Case numbers to look back on:

    36515239 (December 8, 2017)

    36664278 (December 13, 2017)

    36757360 (December 15, 2017)

    36759650 (December 15, 2017)

    36771313 (December 16, 2017)

    37830464 (January 14, 2018)

    what I have done:

    - cleaned registry, cache and temp files

    - clean boot

    - flushed DNS cache

    - have sent Trace file (trace route)


    - uninstalled and reinstalled Origin

    - Uninstalled and reinstalled The Sims 4 twice using two hard-drives for testing. (A mirror copy of my own personal one)

    - sent Ts4 crashfile in and lastexception. Also a screenshot of reliability.

    - I have also uninstalled avast for testing purposes.

    Reset the TS4 Folder under Documents

    Tried putting my hard-drive into my sisters computer (similar specs and share Origin account) game still crashes

    My sister put my TS4 game saves into her Ts4 folder and it does not crash.

    Crashing particularly occurs when loading in game (traveling) and saving.

    So here’s the thing. I have started a fresh installed game of Origin and The Sims 4 with all packs installed. brand new game with no Tray folder, Mods or saves. nothing but all new files. The game is still crashing.

    So I have been doing other test by myself. Like taking my sisters saves files, tray files and mods folder and surprisingly it does not crash. My sister does not experience any crashing on her computer but I do mine. My saves work on her computer and hers on mine. I play her game saves and I had no crashing. took all her stuff out, put all mine back in and crashing. I am so sick of not being able to play for my usual 7-8 hours straight. now my games crash in about 45 minutes or less all the time. I do not think it’s corrupt saves as it work perfectly on my sister’s computer. So I don’t think it’s corrupt or that there is a corruption. I do not think my PC is the problem as like I mentioned I can put my sister’s saves into my TS4 folder and it plays. I can travel in game and save without crashing.

    This problem is a mystery to me and like I said I have done all the required steps told by many advisers. Probably more than I mentioned above.

    Has this problem ever been addressed through EA Help before? It’s clearly a serious issue I am dealing with. Nothing has resolved this issue for me. I spent so much money on The Sims 4, recently completing the collection and I remember playing a lot without crashing at all and now in about 3 months. Crashing all the time. At first I thought maybe it was my processor because it is different to my sisters, but that wasn’t the case. This is very very frustrating I have adored Sims since the first installment. I love it so much and Sims 4 has been my favorite this whole year. Now I live in fear every time I play. waiting for it to crash.

    I have no idea what has changed or why this problem suddenly happened.

    I just want to be able to play with my current Sims 4 SAVES (households) without crashing. I want to know the source reason why this is happening to me.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice. It took me literally a whole day due to slow internet connection and nothing made a difference.

    I am not prepared to do this all over again.

    I can send for you whatever files you need. Please I need to know what is causing this? is it a processor issue? I do have a screenshot of something that was addressed to me as being a processor incompatibility issue. I got the message once. Which I had sent in the EA Help chat. I cannot even launch the game in safe mode.


    Kind Regards,


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  4. SrslySims

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    Simmer | Creator
    I have sent this thread to a friend to look further into your issue to help resolve it.

    But so I understand correctly. You only have this crashing problem when using a specific save(s) that you have had previously?
    You do not get the crashing problem when you start up a new game from a new save?

    This might not work, but did previously for save problems: Tutorial Link

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