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Current Household Bio Dump

Discussion in 'Sims Stories' started by SnarkyWitch, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. SnarkyWitch

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    Not really doing a story (I mean I've kept my storybook meticulous so I could if I wanted to at some point) but I'm doing a legacy challenge and the family got so big, I had to overstuff the household. There was a lot going on with my Sims so I decided to write bios for them to keep everything straight and I liked them. I thought the Sims in my family had interesting personal situations so here I am, dumping them on you!

    Just as a quick rundown...
    • Everett and Amanda are married. Everett's the legacy founder.
    • Everett and Amanda have six children together: Annabelle, Dawson, Delilah, Eloise, Emmett, and Eleanor.
    • Annabelle is married to a man named Waylon. They are expecting their first baby.
    Everett Clark
    Age: Adult
    Aspiration: Family
    Lifetime Want: Marry Off Six Children
    Bio: Everett is living proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. He started with nothing but a tent in a big empty field, his faithful dog and a few sickly tomato sprouts. Now his farm is the envy of the entire neighbourhood and he even managed to marry the woman of his dreams and raise six amazing kids with her to boot! The Clark Family Farm really is a family business and Everett wouldn't have it any other way.
    Amanda Clark
    Age: Adult
    Aspiration: Fortune
    Lifetime Want: Become a Business Tycoon (achieved)
    Bio: Amanda never expected to marry a poor farmer with nothing but a tent and a smelly dog to his name but when love calls, there's no going back. She was worried Everett's desire for a big family would set her back in her career but the two of them balanced responsibilities and made things work. Now Amanda is at the top of the Business career, Everett has built a successful farm and together, they've raised six wonderful children. Amanda has it all.​

    Annabelle Clark
    Age: Adult
    Aspiration: Popularity
    Lifetime Want: Become a Rock God (achieved)
    Bio: Being the oldest of six children, Annabelle had a lot of pressure on her to succeed but she rose to the occasion. From honour roll to dean's list to becoming a Rock God overnight, no challenge was too difficult for her. Now that she's got it made, Annabelle just wants to focus on running the family farm with her husband and kids... if her five siblings would ever move out and make space for her to move out of the guest house.​

    Waylon Clark
    Age: Adult
    Aspiration: Family
    Lifetime Want: Become an Education Minister
    Bio: Waylon was just a poor bartender trying to make ends meet when he met Annabelle one night and his life changed forever. The two are now happily married and expecting their first child. Annabelle's incredible skillset and college grades meant she made it to the top of her career almost instantly but Waylon is having trouble finding the job he wants. The unemployed lifestyle doesn't suit him and it's making him depressed when he should be happy about his new family.​

    Dawson Clark
    Age: Teen
    Aspiration: Romance
    Lifetime Want: WooHoo With 20 Different Sims
    Bio: Dawson knows it's his dad's dream to see all six of his children get married and Dawson doesn't want to disappoint him but the monogamous life just isn't for him. There are so many men in the world to romance and marriage feels so constricting, but Dawson just can't bring himself to destroy his dad's greatest wish. Will he cave under the pressure to make his father proud? He's a little jealous of his twin, Delilah. Making Dad proud comes so easily to her. How can he compare with a future lawyer?​

    Delilah Clark
    Age: Teen
    Aspiration: Popularity
    Lifetime Want: Become The Law
    Bio: Delilah might be Dawson's twin, but being a twin doesn't always make you special. Delilah has never been as pretty or as gifted as her older sister, but that doesn't stop Delilah from comparing herself to Annabelle all the time. She wants to become a successful lawyer one day so she can hold a candle up to her very successful sister, but will Delilah learn to be proud of her own accomplishments for her own sake or will she always be trying too hard to be someone else?​

    Eloise Clark
    Age: Teen
    Aspiration: Pleasure
    Lifetime Want: Have 50 First Dates
    Bio: In a big family full of smart, talented kids, the pressure to be perfect is just too much for Eloise. All she wants out of life is to have a good time and just enjoy each day as it comes. Why does everyone have to be so ambitious and work so hard all the time? It seems like a waste to her. Why stress when you could be having fun instead? Eloise figures Dawson has the right idea about things. She hopes he doesn't get married just to make their dad happy. She likes having someone to chase after boys with.
    Eleanor Clark
    Age: Child
    Bio: Eleanor and her twin, Emmett, are the youngest of six children so her childhood home has always been hectic, but she doesn't mind. With everyone so busy doing their own things, Eleanor's become quite the gifted child, throwing herself into chess and piano. At just eight years old, Eleanor is a master logician and an advanced pianist. The only question is what road will these early childhood skills take her down later on in life?
    Emmett Clark
    Age: Child
    Bio: Emmett and his twin, Eleanor, are the youngest of six children and Emmett will happily tell you that being the baby of the family has its perks. With a cherub's face no one can resist and a charming personality to match, Emmett's charisma can get him anything he wants out of just about anyone. It may be cute now, but will Emmett abuse this power of his when he gets older or put it to good use?
    (I would include pics of them all but that would be more than eight images in a post which SCS doesn't allow, plus most of the kids are ugly as sin, lmao. Only Annabelle and Emmett are beautiful).

    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017

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