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  1. PoisonGamer

    Hi There! This is my first ever post. I came up with a challenge and so far I think it's super fun, and I wanted to share it so that other people can play it. The one thing about this challenge is that you need to have the Dogs and Cats Expansion pack. So here goes;

    Family Vets Challenge:

    You are a single sim with an adopted child, you are a professional writer but with your extra money you are secretly building a veterinary clinic on a small piece of land in Brindleton Bay. Your adopted child grows up with a dog in the house and wants to be a vet when he/she grows up. When the child grows into a teen that's when you bring him or her to the clinic you have been building but not using. That is when you and your child run the clinic and this clinic goes on through the generations.

    Start Off With:

    - 1 sim, male or female, can be any age.
    - Aspiration of your choice, along with the traits
    - Sim can look like anything


    - Must be a level 10 writer before starting to work on your clinic


    - One dog has to be adopted right around the time you adopt your child
    - Can only adopt one child
    - Child can only age up after 10 sim days
    - You can age up your toddler right away (optional)
    - You can only age up a child sim if they have an 'A' in school grades
    - Each generation only can adopt children and only one at that
    - Each time a generation adopts a child they must adopt a puppy, gender doesn't matter

    Other Stuff:

    - No cheats other than the 'free real estate' cheat

    I hope you enjoy playing this challenge.

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  2. jovjovan

    jovjovan Founder
    Staff Member

    Graphic Designer
    Hey - great challenge! Just want to let you know that I renamed it to a more proper thread title if that's okay :D
  3. PoisonGamer

    Thank you! I really appreciate that!

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