[Feedback & Suggestions] The Sims 4's Huge Mistake

Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Ideas' started by Adamskii6, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. Adamskii6
    Very Happy

    *I could be wrong on some points, and if I am, let me know!

    Hello, to start of I want to say that this is in no way meant to bash EA. I think they receive an unfair amount of hatred by their community, which totally stinks. However, I have noticed with each pack I purchase that I often mostly use just Base Game, and I started seriously thinking about it and why that was. That’s when it became clear to me, The Sims 4 don’t implement their purchased content into the pre-existing neighborhoods, and I will tell you how.

    Remember The Sims 3 Pets? I’m sure you do! With that amazing Expansion Pack, we received small animals and deer, which amazingly were not exclusively found in Appaloosa Plains and could be found in any world! Remember The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat? Okay, good. No, I’m not comparing the two, I’m just pointing out that Outdoor Retreat came with some lovely insects, which are completely and only exclusive to Granite Falls, which is a total bummer if you ask me! Remember The Sims 3 Seasons? It came with some cool festivals if you ask me, and my point is that they could be found in every world. City Living festivals? Not so much… And that’s kind of minor since we have access to all neighborhoods in The Sims 4, but I’m just showing my point.

    Anyways, things from DLC which we could see integrated into other neighborhoods could be;
    *Note, I’m not saying you can’t do any of these things in other neighborhoods, I just want them to be done by others spontaneously to make the game more alive.

    • Granite Falls - Collectable insects, mosquitoes biting you. You may feel this will stop you from going there if there isn’t anything special to get, but I think we go there for a change in scenery more than for the collectibles, at least I do. And some things are just so universal that we should have them everywhere, like mosquitos.

    • Get To Work Active Career Lots - Access without working there. I don’t get why this isn’t in the game yet.

    • Windenburg - DJ Parties, bar nights. It would be totally cool being invited to these in a neighborhood other than Windenburg.

    • San Myshuno - Buildable apartments, street performers, festivals, food courts, sellers, pests, graffiti murals, protests, people using fireworks. I think it’s unfortunate that all of these things were left out from the other neighborhoods. Don’t you just forget that graffiti even exists? I know I do.

    • Brindleton Bay - Cats and dogs, pedestrians walking their pets, bird flocks and feather piles. The fact that this isn’t implemented makes me really upset because it basically doesn’t feel like C&D is installed when I play in another neighborhood…

    So basically, we buy expensive packs and can’t use them all to their full potential at once. Tragic really.. Tell me your opinions below!
  2. simaginative

    Storyteller & Professional Dreamer
    I don't have Cats & Dogs but yeah, people walking their pets around in other neigbourhoods does seem like a no brainer once you think about it.
    And for Get To Work, not being able to go to the hospital unless you work there is also a bummer. If they can do it for pregnant sims everyone should be able to do it.

    As for everything else, I like each neighbourhood having their exclusive stuff because it's more realistic - like you only enounter certain things when you go into the city but not the suburbs but that's just me.

    Also, maybe the reason they do this is because in the sims 3 you couldn't move from world to world so they had to include everything in each world. Now, if there's something that isn't in your neighbourhood you can simply go to another. Personally, since I have a really low end pc, I'm grateful that not everything is in every neighbourhood - my sims 3 used to lag so much it was ridiculous.
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  3. Adamskii6
    Very Happy

    I agree, but I think this is partly why the game feels shallow. A lot of things are added but you rarely ever see them..
  4. Theotherdesanta

    99% of the sims 4 is a mistake but in some way I’ve learnt to accept this to see the good areas of the game and packs.

    However I do agree with the above you’ve listed, they’ve done what everyone fears EA will do with seasons and made the game very area specific, bug collecting here, pets only showing up here with their owners, X Y AND Z, etc. it’s irritating and frankly all of that must’ve taken a lot more time than if they had just coded those abilties in game overall, i miss the days of sims 3 where despite being a buggy mess we had plenty of everything sprinkled throughout worlds and towns and didn’t care because it was what it was, good.

    But then maybe and I’ve got my hand on the wood decor of my wall while I say this, maybe that’s why the sims 4 isn’t so buggy, or less game breakingly so. Maybe by sectioning off these things and leaving out abilties they don’t have the code for, maybe they’re keeping many game breaking bugs at bay until they can solve the problem? Just my ideas but I do wholeheartedly agree with what you’ve said and pointed out, all I’m thinking is maybe some of the reasoning behind these lacked components are due to glitches they can’t fix yet, especially being unable to visit certain areas unless we work or vacation there.

    At this point I hope they release a patch that unlocks a lot of these things and let us be able to bug collect those from the falls in the city or Willowcreek, visit the hospital for fun instead of because we work there or are about to pop out a baby and don’t wanna leave a puddle on the floor.

    I certainly wish we could have all of these area centered abilties everywhere in the sims worlds because despite somewhat liking having to go here and there to get this, that and the other, I get tired after a marathon of simming
  5. Jeremia_Lecato
    Very Angry

    Recording artist, dancer, YouTube personality
    I'm emotionally get into the moody way how the packs make me feel

    Outdoor Retreat

    Get To Work

    Spa Day

    Get Together
    Bored (Reason - No Hip Hop radio station)

    Dine Out
    Bored (Reason - No R&B radio station)

    City Living
    Angry/Sad (Reason - No Celebrities and still no Hip Hop radio station)

    Very Tense (Reason - No new radio stations)

    Bowling Night Stuff
    Happy (Reason - It's confirmed that there's a NuDisco radio station)

    Angry/Very Tense (Reason - Still no R&B radio station or any other radio stations because of Ninja's situation)

    Cats & Dogs
    Very Angry (Reason - No dog houses and 100% still no Hip Hop radio station)

    Jungle Adventure
    Very Happy (Reason - It's confirmed that there's a Latin radio station)

    And that's how I mostly feel about the missing radio stations

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