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    Hello Simmers!
    So this is my first attempt at creating a challenge, if the idea is already behind a challenge I’m sorry and wasn’t aware. The idea for this challenge is to create and save your coven. I think I’ve gone into quite a lot of detail but feel free to make your own rules and follow as much as you like. I don’t even mind if you use this as inspiration for your own challenge. Feel free to ask me any questions and give feedback, corrections or comments! I love seeing other people’s creations! Here’s what I’ve got so far- in play testing. I recommend using a mod like MC Commander and allowing risky woohoo as well as teen pregnancy. Ps. I realise this is similar to the amazon challenge, but it’s also different!


    BACKSTORY- You’re the last remaining set of Gemini twins. Your father, aunt & Gemini siblings were defeated in battle by an enemy coven. Now you have had no choice but to flee to a new land and save what is left of the Gemini Coven and continue its Legacy.

    SET UP- Create a set of twin teenagers (any combination of genders- eg- mm/ff/mf), these are your surviving Gemini twins they have now become Coven Leaders and must rule together as one. This is a coven challenge so feel free to use Witchy/Pagan/Historic names/clothing/traits etc. I reccomend the family orientated trait but it’s not necessary. Thier aspirations must be either Big happy family/ successful lineage or possibly Mansion Baron (kind of fits).

    MOVE IN- choose a big lot (40x50) or larger. Try not to add money. Need to test how much is needed to build*

    Build two cabins/rooms. These will be the Coven Leaders rooms. Place a bed, chair & a bookcase. As time goes on a desk can be added for official business.
    Build a shared kitchen. Add a fridge, oven and counter. Two chairs and a table/ picnic table must be added somewhere on the lot.
    A small bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower.

    A woodworking table somewhere on the lot.

    Now create an area on your lot which is more private- I created a small woodland area. This is where you will built two rooms. One the Moon Room. This is where your sims will worship the Moon Goddess, Lunella. Place a yoga mat, two meditation stools and candles.
    The final room is a hut at the back of the lot. This is the sacrifice hut. It is empty with a door (to lock) and another door leading to a smaller room at the back.
    I reccomend adding the “On The Lay Line” trait to the coven Lot.

    Remaining funds may be spent on decoration. But that is all for now.

    *reccomended aging on normal or long.
    Disable bills- or pay bills and replace the money using cheat.

    After all this set funds to 500.

    testingcheatsenabled on
    money 500

    Remember to expand the coven depending on offspring- needs. Once you have the money. I would not allow a computer or TV. (Not fitting with the theme)

    STARTING THE GAME- The first thing after the coven has been built is to take both sims to the local library (Gemini’s will rarely travel without their twin) and have one write a book (short story/children’s) called “The Gemini Coven” this is your Coven bible. Be creative with the description. * In the future a teen who has a high writing skill (from journal) may go back and revise this book- writing it as an autobiography or fantasy etc. This book is to be placed in the bookshelf in the coven.

    You will spend your days worshipping Lunella. Gaining wellness skill and raising funds (through art, gardening (inc herbalism), fishing etc. Try to stick the the theme.) Once you have reached wellness lvl. 4 you may think about expanding your coven through procreation.

    RULES- no one in the coven may have a job. Gemini’s like to keep a low profile.

    To procreate- women must woohoo/try for baby with males outside of the coven. Once pregnant the males must be kept hostage and sacrificed to Lunella. (lock in hut)

    To procreate- men must invite a woman to join the coven. Once she has given birth she must be moved to the hut and be sacrificed.

    Babies- in the Gemini Coven the only legitimate babies must be twins. Any babies who are born without a twin (incl. triplets) must be sacrificed. (This is what the small backroom in the hut is for)

    Leaders Death- if a Gemini leader dies, the twin leader must pass over the coven leadership to the next legitimate set of Gemini twins (teen or older). If there is no eligible set of twins (eg. Child or young) the game is lost and the Gemini Coven is no more.
    - If the next generation of Gemini’s take over the remaining orginal leader must retire and spend his/her days worshipping Lunella and living a quite life as their duty is fulfilled (they can no longer earn money any way, they MAY care for babies and toddlers.)

    *** If a Gemini twin of any age is taken away/dies the remaining twin MUST be sacrificed to Lunella. Place In Hut.

    Children- must attended grade school. They may not make friends outside of the coven. Children may not leave the lot (except school) until all of their skills are lvl 3 or higher.
    Teenagers- may NOT attend school. (Cancel the interaction.) Once the twins become teenagers they must read “The Gemini Coven”.

    If a twin who is NOT coven leader gets pregnant(Female) they must give birth to twins. If not they, her twin and the child are sacrificed. If twins are born the mother is lucky and lives. BUT the children are illegitimate and may NEVER become covern leaders.

    If a twin who is NOT a coven leader (MALE) gets another sim pregnant the pregnant mother must be sacrificed before giving birth.

    EXPANSION- once the coven has at least 3 sets of twins (leaders and two sets of offspring) a set of twins TEEN OR OLDER- may move to a new lot and expand the coven becoming sub leaders. They must have wellness lvl. 5 or higher.

    MOON ROOM- TEEN-ELDER must spend Wednesday’s 10am-4pm worshipping Lunella, doing yoga, meditation and giving/ receiving massages only leaving to use the bathroom. Other than this the Moon room must only be used after 8PM- 6AM.


    Thank you for reading. I appreciate it’s a detailed challenge but so far it’s been great fun! Screenshots/ Video links welcomed.

    Nell x
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    Use #GeminiCoven in the gallery!
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    nothing found with this hashtag.
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    I've just uploaded my lot to the gallery using #GeminiCoven - hope you all like! I can't wait to stream this challenge on twitch!

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