Growing House Challenge (Sims 4)

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by owie108, Feb 13, 2016.

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  1. owie108

    Your Sim will move into the "Growing House Challenge" house and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will expand the livable area into an adjacent 3x3 room by taking down the adjacent walls.
    This challenge is for the Sims 4.

    -Use freerealestate to get the lot then turn on testingcheats and use the money cheat to start out with $1000.
    -You cannot build outside of the house or in rooms you haven't unlocked.
    -You must start out with 1 Sim but can add Sims along the way.
    -You can do anything in areas you have unlocked like taking out the floor and ceiling to make a garden, putting a pool in, building walls, etc.
    -Please no cheating in money, needs, items, etc.
    -You can make money anyway you want that's not cheating it in.
    -You can make your sim any way you want.

    Go to the Sims 4 Gallery and search "Growing House Challenge" in Item Name or search "owie108" in EA Account ID and look for "Growing House Challenge".
    Once you get the house, place it on a 50x50 or higher lot, use freerealestate to get your Sim moved in, and then turn on testingcheats and use the money cheat to start your Sim out with $1000.

  2. Armorty

    Supreme Member

    Could you show us your story? I am kind of confused with it
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  3. owie108

    It's very simple. If you look at the house/lot I made, there are lots of 3x3 rooms. Your Sim will live in the already made 6x6 room surrounded by the little 3x3 plain rooms. In order to expand the house, you have to unlock the rooms.

    To unlock 3x3 rooms:
    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you get to unlock ONE 3x3 room of your choosing, but it has to be touching the unlocked room(s) (Livable area/the areas you unlocked and can build on).
    When you have a room you want, delete the walls that are connected to your livable area. Then you can decorate, live, and do anything you want in that area.

    I hope that explanation helped you.
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  4. SegerSims

    This sounds interesting ...
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