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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by SnarkyWitch, Nov 25, 2015.

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    This is a super loose, vague "challenge," I sort of made it up on the fly while I was playing earlier. It's more of a theme than a challenge, really. If you have ideas to make it more solid, by all means go for it and post it.

    It started out as me wanting to play out a Superman/Supergirl sort of plot in my game, so I made an alien, gave her a backstory about crashing on planet Earth and having to blend in among humans until she can get back home. While she's there, she realises that humans are really really dumb and cause themselves all kinds of problems and they need someone to protect them so she takes up that torch and becomes a sort of "Supergirl," using her alien powers to defend humankind from crime and disaster and stuff. That's where the "theme" kind of evolved.

    Play through ten generations of Sims with the founder and each heir becoming a guardian of their community somehow.

    • If you have Get To Work, make an alien in CAS of either gender and any appearance, voice and walk style you want. They must have the Good trait but you can pick their other two traits. You can give them whatever Aspiration you want. Once you're in Live mode, you can select Alter Disguise and design them however you want. If you don't have Get To Work, you can just make a Sim who looks like an alien or a regular Sim and pretend they're an alien, whatever you want. They just need to be from another world somehow. Be as creative as you want with that.
    • You can play by Pinstar's legacy rules and use his point system or you can play without points or strict rules if you wish but you must play the main aspect of a legacy challenge which is getting through ten generations of Sims without using any cheats (except to use MOO for creative building and fixing glitches, that's fine).
    • Your founder must find a way to become a guardian for the community. This is largely interpretive. For example, I had my Sim become a Secret Agent and when she reaches the top of that career, she'll have filled the requirement to guard her community through fighting crime and such in her job, but maybe there's a food shortage in the town and your Sim decides to be a gardener to provide fresh produce so people don't starve. Like I said, you can get creative with this and invent your own stories as to how your Sims become guardians.
    • Each heir after the founder will follow in the previous generation's footsteps, finding their own way to protect the humans around them while protecting their alien identities from the world.
    • If you are playing as an alien with Get To Work, any Sims who are not Good Friends or more who find out your Sim is an alien need to have their memories wiped. Once they are your Sim's Good Friend, they are considered trustworthy enough to know your Sim's secret.
    And really, that's it. Like I said, take that theme and run whichever way you want with it.
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  2. Camboo


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    This sounds pretty interesting. Think I might give this a shot.:rolleyes:

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