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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nuclearxpotato, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Since the launch of The Sims 4, there's been complaints about the dropping of CaSt (God, that acronym is terrible). I was never personally bothered by, but it still took some getting used to. CaSt was as much of a buggy, unoptimised mess as the open-world nature of The Sims 3.
    However, by about the time of Kids Room Stuff, I started to realise how annoying it was to anchor myself down to one pack for furnishing an entire home because of the mismatching colours (woods are especially bad). I started to want a Colour Wheel or, at the very least, a Pallet Tool.
    Come January, and suddenly Toddlers are added and it seems like anything can be patched into The Sims 4. And by the time of April I had created a few designs for a CaD mock up system that could easily work with each object.

    My first decision in this design process was a hard one...
    Would the CaD tool be a separate function, or integrated into the pre-existing toolbox?
    After designing a few icons for the separate tool, I went with the integration path.
    ...So here's the mock-up I made of what a CaD tool could look like in Build-Buy.
    Here's how the tool would be integrated into The Sims 4, rather than adding another tool with one function and a new hotkey I'd remember only half the time, it's a new swatch that's universal to all objects.
    Click on an object with the Recolour Tool and -alakazam- you've got a brand new Rainbow Swatch ready for you!
    Now, what would happen if you were to select this dangerous yet mystifying Rainbow Swatch?
    ...well, this would happen. You would open up an almost-entirely new menu!
    Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Nuclearxpotato, haven't I seen this before?" And let me tell you...
    ...yes...yes you have...
    This is just a hastily edited image of The Sims 4's Edit Intensity and Colour menu on every light in the game.


    As you can see, I didn't slap a colour wheel in there (there's a version of this photo somewhere that has a wheel though) and that's for a very specific reason. Instead of bogging down the game's performance with having to track each colour value on every channel on every edited object. Of course, these wouldn't be the actual colours - this is just a mockup after all - but maintaining a specific selection of colours allows players to easily keep one colour scheme throughout each object: "I used the light brown colour on this table's wood, so I'll select the same light brown for these chairs!"
    This Dimmer would function identically to a light's Dimmer. Just take your selected colour and drag it to the left for darker tones. I realise now that this makes having white makes having three shades of grey and black completely meaningless.
    While the coffee table isn't the best example for demonstrating this function, each object would have channels for their different locations. Sorta what you'd expect. The tool caps off at five because I have yet to see something that's not a painting incorporate more than four colours in it.
    I did a quick layout of what locations would be defined as a Channel to the game with the base game's Kid's side table. Check out the next spoiler for that!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    First you may notice that the texture is greyscale, that's the only version of this I had readily available... sorry...
    Secondly, you will notice that the second image is separated into four sections...
    • Blue - Blue is used to symbolise the first colour channel... the sides and main body of the night stand.
    • Green - Green is used for the second channel: the drawers.
    • Red - Red is for the third (and final) channel on this object. This would be the wooden top of the table.
    • Books - As I changed the colours for this, I saw that the books really didn't change the overall colour scheme of this object (you could recolour them into different colours, but the object would barely look different). As with The Sims 3, many objects contain little trinkets on them that can't be recoloured. This saves performance and keeps the idea of pallet swapping simple and clean.
    These colours shown here wouldn't ever appear any where in the game, they're just for explanation purposes.

    Another thing you may notice from the greyscale image is the lack of a design on the side of the table. Normally, this table carries a design specific to its swatch - like a dinosaur for the Green and Blue swatch - but when the Rainbow Swatch is activated it is removed. If an object carries a design that would tie the object down to a specific design... the design is removed. This helps integrate the object with other objects. But if the object has a wooden pattern as its main design, then that is kept.

    you know exactly why...

    While many people were taking careful notes on hints towards Seasons in the Cats & Dogs trailer I noticed something that's so specific, only I would care about it.

    ohh yes, I'm talkin' about COUNTERTOP RECOLOURS, BABY!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Omigosh look at THOSE
    Okay, I know that this could easily just be simple item swatches added in Cats & Dogs (or if we're unlucky... new objects that are separate recolours just like in City Living), it's happened before like with the Victorian lighting objects getting new swatches with Vampires. But if you pay attention to the new counters' colours, you'll notice five things that are odd.
    1. Each counter maintains the same surface colour - White
    2. Each one uses unique colours when compared to current swatches
    3. Each counter's colour layout is unique to itself (the first and last screenshots are unique for the next reason)
    4. Each counter has four separately coloured zones on it... one is the surface (white), the second is the drawers (in the last screen it's cream), and the third is the bottom area of the counter (seems to be a darker form of each counter's main colour) and finally, there's the trim (the lighter green in the second picture)... an area never coloured separately from the drawers in current swatches.
    5. The counters and the cabinets don't share the same layouts despite sharing the same colours. Comparing the cabinets in the first and second pictures you'll notice that the cabinets have two colourable zones (one is the siding and the other is the front). You'd think that these zones would be connected to the countertops' zones somehow but they aren't (picture 1 shows the front correlating to the colour of the surface on the counter, while picture 2 shows it correlating to the trim of the counter).
    I know this is A LOT of information to read (or possibly skim, I don't blame you), but this is seriously something that at least raises a few eyebrows. And is based on high-held hopes.
    Like I said, these could be just typical recolours... but just let me have my moment.

    That's my compromise to a CaSt (ugh) system... and a few crackjob conspiracy theories...

    I get like that sometimes...

    What do you think of my CaD system idea? What should be changed? What is your opinion on the nutjob theory I made? Why do I ask so many questions?
    Answer below!

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    Wow, just wow. You explained it really good! if we never get a color wheel for objects (which i don't think we will ever get) i would love the thing you have shown. Also, i noticed that from the trailer too, but never really thought about it, that's really interesting though!
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