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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nuclearxpotato, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Nuclearxpotato


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    Before City Living was officially announced, I had this idea for a fun Stuff Pack that would really compliment The Sims 4's art style... a Stuff Pack based on the home of the American family during the Atomic Age (1950s).
    Even though these are about a year old, none of the designs really got used yet... excluding a liquor cabinet I had planned as an object (Vintage Glamour's globe bar stole its glory).
    I decided it's about time to post the designs I made, maybe I'll post my ideas for The Sims 4 Seasons soon (there was a surprising amount of unique ideas for that one).
    The spacesuits were to be the main CAS assets of this pack, one for males and one for females, each designed after the typical suit designs for each gender; women wore sleek, shiny suits with minimal details, while men wore clunky, grungy suits. Men would actually get unique footstep SFX with that suit *CLANK CLUNK CLANK*. I didn't design a male 'home outfit' because we have enough suits already.
    Here's where I start posting descriptions of each object and try to explain my ideas for each.
    • Proper Gander Posters - a set a posters with signs pointing out the location of shelters and the dangers of atomic weapons. Obvious wordplay on ‘propaganda’
    • Black n’ White Out Curtains - two curtains that are perfectly suited for blocking out windows (they would come in a variety of retro designs, not just black and white)
    • Radial Designs Rugs - You can never have too many circular rugs! These ones come in atomic-inspired designs… radial being related to circles and sounding like radiant
    • Glassless Window - Oh my god do we need this object or WHAT. It’s just a shelf inserted into a wall; it goes all the way through like a window and holds clutter like a shelf!
    • Googie-Loogie Column / Space-Age Debris Column - I changed the name of this item at some point for it to come up as Space-age Debris Column. Anyways, this design isn’t a typical column and is instead one of those decorative poles/separators (think the column separators from City Living). It’s inspired by the depiction of debris in those safety booklets on airplanes (that design has always stuck with me)
    • Escape Pod to Comfort Zone - I love me some orb chairs! They are beautiful, pure, and extremely comfy if you put a blanket over the opening. This was the first object I had drawn
    • Landing Pad Footrest - okay, so it’s not a footrest, but just a 1x1 ottoman. But like, that’s close enough? This is actually designed to work best with the Cosmolux theme in the Base Game
    • Curv-o-vision Sofa - The obvious joke was that the sofa was built in opposition to curved TVs (they curved the sofa around the TV instead of the opposite). But this sofa would still function normally; the curve would be gentle enough on the front for Sims to still look forward
    • Non-Musical Flute Fireplace - it ANGERS me that there’s no free standing fireplaces in TS4 (excluding that coffee table from City Living), especially since there’s no retro fireplace. This fireplace would actually adjust its height to reach the ceiling and -in the case of no floor being present- hang from it rather than clipping to the terrain. It’s chimney is the same design as the round metal column in base game.
    • Tin Exhaust Vent - a complimentary chimney topper for the flute fireplace!
    • (the accent table never made it past its initial design seen here)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Bomb Shelter Fridge - Indiana Jones 4 reference blahblahblah… there was originally a stove to compliment this stove, but then Parenthood had an antique stove sooo
    • Friend or Faux - THIS CHAIR, THIS CHAIR. In our house in Indiana (which is now my brother’s), there was a dining room set from the 50s in the shed, since I apparently didn’t need a desk chair (I got my first from Craigslist last year) I used this monster. The brass feet on it literally dug into the floor and the faux-leather was ALWAYS sticky on ALL of the chairs.
    • Linoleum ____ (tables) - Even though I think Linoleum Spectre is the perfect name to describe the evils of that godless vinyl, I ended up naming the three sizes of this table to Linoleum Star (1x1), Linoleum Comet (1x2), and Linoleum Sun (3x3). The Sun is a rounded six-seater table like in Backyard Stuff
    • (just off screen) Generi Co. Kitchen Tiles - WHY ARE THERE NO NORMAL KITCHEN TILES IN THE SIMS 4!? IT’S THREE YEARS OLD AND THERE’S NO ‘CLASSIC’ 2X2 TILES IN THE GAME YET!? (it comes in usable and ugly-as-sin colour schemes)
    • The Final Counter - I never actually decided on which design I liked best for this item, but I like the middle two. I never designed its cabinet or island counterparts.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Here's the meat of the pack! The gameplay objects actually went through many lineups, including Home-Cooking (shove anything into a stove and get a custom recipe), board games, an expanded chemistry set (more chemicals, more danger, more pranks), and the aforementioned ill-fated Liquor Cabinet (which had a special interaction of an adult giving the key of the cabinet to a teenager as a sign of trust)
    • Radiant-Activity - It’s a light shaped like an atom, what more is there to say?
    • Future-vu - Both of the TVs in this pack are entirely Black and White. Future-vu is actually designed to fit on practically any surface.
    • THE Entertainment Stand - This TV’s gimmick is that is actually a surface meaning you could put anything the game allows on it. Including the Future-vu TV and Fish bowls! If you put a fish bowl on the TV, it’ll actually mutate the fish! (This TV is based on the TV my grandmother had when I lived with her, she had it until 2006)
    • Half-Baked Display - a cute little pastry display. You can put food you baked in it to preserve it while keeping it at ready access, OR you could purchase baked goods directly from it
    • BioDome Future Plots/EcoPods - BEHOLD, the main gameplay mechanic of the pack! I decided to go with little planter pots based on how early sci-fi depicted freeze-drying as the main gameplay object. How does it work? You can put any of the three sizes anywhere in your home (like, your kitchen) for quick and easy produce! You stick your seeds into the pot and wait a day for it full grow and yield more harvest! The mini-plants give you only one harvestable at a time, but they grow at a rate of about two a day and require little maintenance. The small one fits in any space available (or at least where the tissue box item can fit) with the larger one requiring a full counter/table slot. The hanging one can go one any wall you can fit it but is functionally identical to the tiny one.
    I hope you enjoy reading through my madness, and hopefully I'm not the only one who wants something like this!

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    I like the idea and that you showed sketches and everything! Really creative:)
  3. Yaushiposh


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    I'm loving these furniture designs, especially that retro fireplace, the half-baked display, and the fridge. Another item I'd love to see is a retro nightstand clock. It's already a shame we have so few clocks in the game and I think one would really fit this pack. Maybe for the men's CAS items, something like these would do. Who doesn't love gaudy patterned shirts and pants up to the elbows, right?
  4. Ayser Croft

    Ayser Croft

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    In other words, The Sims 4: Fallout stuff.. Yasss! But with all honesty, i don't feel like it'd fit with the sims 4's utopian vibrant and colorful world and art style.
    PS: Love the sketches and the detailed demonstration for everything you're trying to convey there.

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