J.K. Rowling Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by WizardJeremy, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. WizardJeremy

    WizardJeremy Master Sorcerer and Life State Enthusiast

    #1 WizardJeremy, Jun 12, 2016
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    I thought of a really fun and interesting challenge for the sims 4 (or any other sims but for me sims 4 was easiest), and i thought of this when i did my first stream on Twitch.

    What do i do for this Challenge?

    For the challenge you will have to make your own Sim version of Joanne Rowling herself, with Author-like traits such as Creative, Good etc.

    And once you have your J.K Rowling, you will make her start writing stuff, and your aim is to Write a book from the Harry Potter Universe (the Harry Potter Book series itself or spin offs like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Tales of the Beedle and the Bard etc.). The Books you create must be of the Harry Potter Universe, i'd advise doing little books like Tales of the Beedle and the Bard so that when you make the sim start the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book it will be of great/good quality.

    And the catch is after every book, you have to make J.K Rowling get pregnant from a random sim and give birth to a child named after one of the Characters from the Harry Potter Universe. You can either give birth to them or Adopt a child and morph them to look like your character.

    What Will i Need?

    1. J.K. Rowling Sim
    2. A Computer to start the book.
    3. She must start off poor, only after the first Harry Potter book you can make her getting loads of money.

    Do i Have to go in a certain order?

    No. you can start off with any book within the harry potter universe but you must do the Harry Potter series, you can write the little books to get you higher in level cause the Harry Potter books MUST be off normal or higher quality.

    The only rules for order is that you cannot start a new book after publishing one, you MUST make J.K Rowling give birth to a child based off a character from the book. And because it's a challenge, you must have a different partner for every child you give birth to.

    Do i have to make them look like their movie portrayals?

    Nope! all you have to do is feature their BOOK descriptions, when something is not specified you can be free to change whatever they look like.

    For Example: You must have hermione to have frizzy brown hair and brown eyes but you can make her any race you want (because her race was never really specified and the fact in the movies Hermione is white but in the play Cursed Child she is black)

    Anything else we should know?

    Nope!, it's really a challenge to have fun with and have an interesting thing with it.

    You can watch the Stream i started the J.K Rowling Challenge (Sorry, it's laggy, my internet was bad at time of recording)

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  2. Yennifur
    Very Focused

    I'm loling at the idea of JK giving birth to the trio, but I'm doing it! I really wanted to make her in CAS, so here we go...
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  3. SnarkyWitch
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    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    LOL! I love how you took the idea of Joanne giving birth to the world of Harry Potter so literally. I might try this. I just placed a book store in my game so she'd have somewhere to hang out. One question, though: does it have to be a different Sim each time or can she be in a relationship with one Sim and have all her children with them?

    Also a suggestion! Maybe add an Adoption Edition where Joanne adopts the children instead of gives birth to them? She's unknowingly "adopted" millions of sad, lonely children just like Harry through her books over the years. Just another interpretation of her influence on the "muggle world."
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  4. WizardJeremy

    WizardJeremy Master Sorcerer and Life State Enthusiast

    i'll add them to rule :D
  5. Zylria

    Nice Idea! ♥
  6. swcheppes

    This seems like a cool challenge.
  7. Pumpkakitty

    I love how you guys come up with all these challenges so neat ! :)

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