Loving City Living so far

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 City Living' started by Nomiko13, Feb 5, 2017.

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  1. Nomiko13
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    Just moved into my first apartment with my family of three and not even a day in the place, my neighbors are loudly woohooing, which angers everyone in the household lol.

    I was so confused when I heard noises over my sims and then suddenly, everyone's all red and "very angry" :rolleyes:

    I like how the developers added that realistic aspect to this EP. Cannot wait to explore it more! :)
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  2. friendsfan36

    i had cl since it came ut but just moved to a apartment a few days ago.
  3. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    A lot of people were furious about this pack because of the lack of customization options with apartments, but since I'm not a builder, I don't really care much. I wouldn't be building my own apartments anyway. I heard lots of talk about how City Life is going to get boring fast without the option to customize apartments but I guess I have a longer attention span than most because I still enjoy living in San Myshuno apartments, lol. With all the things that go wrong in apartments, especially the cheap ones with the mice and roaches and leaky pipes and faulty fuse boxes and weird odours, plus the craziness of having loud neighbours who fight, blare music and WooHoo all the time, it makes for a livelier living experience, which is what the big city is all about. More noise, more action, more things to do (cultural festivals, karaoke bars), more sights to see. I feel like San Myshuno never really sleeps. It's got a great city vibe that I never seem to get tired of.
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  4. ShelleeLore
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    I really really want to get this expansion. But every time it goes in sale, i don't have money:eek: It seems like a very cool expansion, with so many more elements added to the game! So when I get to read about how much people enjoy, it's so cool to know it's worth it.
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  5. @simsreplay
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    i love san myshuno, my new favorite new world!
  6. Ayser Croft

    When i first saw the trailer for City Living i wasn't exactly as hyped for it.. but honestly, the more you play in San Myshuno the more you appreciate the change of enviroment.. It can look absolutely beautiful despite everything from skyscrapers and cars being a set dressing.

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