[Mod Request] Youtuber Career

Discussion in 'Request Hub' started by SpectreRage, May 30, 2016.

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  1. SpectreRage
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    I was speaking to a youtuber friend who asked something interesting. He wondered if there was a mod that would add a youtuber career to the game. And I checked, there doesn't seem to be one yet and I can't mod, which is why I'm posting here.

    With get to work, there are cameras and things and there are video games inside the computer already, so I was wondering if someone could actually create a mod that adds Youtube to the possible careers.

    Please and thank you *pats your face*
  2. ThePlumbobCat
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    I think that is totally possible and is a very interesting career idea for The Sims 4 even though we already have the Social Media Guru Career that came with City Living. I think that I could make a Career like that but instead of making a new one completely I think I would be better off adding to the current Social Media Guru Career by adding more interactions and tasks etc. I also believe I could make it possible to make those interactions influence your Social Media Guru Status like in real life. That is a career mod idea I will definitley consider doing and putting on my To-Do list but I don't know yet how or if it will turn out ok. Thanks for the nice suggestion/idea! :thumbsup::bigsmile::oooo::oooo2:
  3. Ornella

    Please yes! :p

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