Needing Christmas CC

Discussion in 'Share and promote!' started by Ifirifis4, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. Ifirifis4

    I'm needing Christmas CC. So, please, list here the christmas cc you know and you like (also winter CC). Most of all I'm searching for snow or presents and Christmas ornament. No clothes, but if there are any with Christmas motives, it is accepted :D Please! Thank you :)

  2. MilaBear

    I love Lana's tumblr since she tags things well - here is a link to her Christmas tag and you can browse around!
    http:// sssvitlans.tumblr .com/tagged/s4chrismas

    As for snow, there is this mod! I saw on twitter a few people mention it didn't run the smoothest in game.. the recent game updates have messed with a lot of mods so I think it needs to be updated, but you can try it out :D
    http:// simcookie .com/les-sims-4-first-snow-est-disponible/

    It didn't let me post links so just delete the 2 spaces I added in both links lol :p

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