Project Vie - Hoax or Competition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemiTheSim, Mar 15, 2017.

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  1. RemiTheSim

    With project Vie's announcement nearly upon us... Is this all a hoax or has the Sims franchise got new competition..?

    Hello Simmers! Today we will be discussing things on a lot of people's minds. Is the game Project Vie a hoax or is it genuine?
    Not long back, the game was announced and was said to be 'better than The Sims' (Really? Bit hard to beat it :p). Of course, the community was in shock and was desperate to know more. They announced they would share more information on the 15th of March, and today being that day, what can we expect from this big mystery?

    Well, The Sims Community has said it is 99.9% most likely a hoax, but there's still that 0.1% glimmer of hope in some of our eyes. Personally, I'd love to see the game be real and how it would compete with The Sims! I think it'd be nice to have a new life simulation game, there being so little good ones, that could get up to the standard of Sims. But of course, no screenshots have been released of the game and only a few logos and a brief description has been shared about it. So, at this time it does seem pretty fake.

    The announcement is to come at 18:00 GMT, not long away from when I am posting this. I will post an update on whether it is a hoax or genuine, and if it is real if I will be purchasing it.

    I'm really excited and a tad bit nervous to see what comes out of this and whether we got all of our hopes up for nothing.

    Keep Simming!
  2. Kai Chen

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    "Screens" from the "project":



    My reaction to this travesty:

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