Raise Them Right Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Hanjisims, Apr 3, 2016.

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  1. Hanjisims

    I've had this idea for a challenge for probably over a year now, but I never really expanded on it. Now I've created rules and a basic story for it, I decided to post it somewhere!

    Your sim is new to town, and didn't really have the money to fund herself. A kindly male sim took her in, and gave her a bed and food. The two started to get close, and things took a turn for the worst. The two "lovebirds" were caught by the supposedly single sims girlfriend, was kicked out with no money, and, to top it all off, recently found out she was pregnant. Now, with only a plot of land to her name, she must work to provide a loving home for her child and "raise them right".


    -Must be a young adult female

    -You can choose any traits you like

    -For a better experience, I would recommend simple clothes and hairstyles, and no (or minimal) make up

    -If you are playing the storyline in mind, you are more than welcome to start off with a sim that is not pregnant. However, if you want to jump straight in to the challenge, you can start off with a pregnant sim, but make sure she is in her first trimester

    Starting Out and Gameplay
    -Start on a lot that is 30x20 or smaller and put your money to 0 (if you want to make the challenge easier, select a lot that is near fishing spots and has collectibles in the area)

    -You can make money in any way you like. I recommend starting out with gardening and fishing, as then you have a source of food as well.

    -Your game must be set on the Normal life span

    -The matriarch is more than welcome to find love again, and if you move her lover into the household, they are not allowed to have a job and have to make money like their partner.

    The Challenge
    -The challenge is completed by finishing all of the following stages

    -The category's are based on the 'Objects by Room' option

    -With any money you have left over after buying the things needed from each stage, you can buy any other 'fun' items for your sim

    -In the three days it will take before your sim gives birth, you have to get things in as good a shape as you can.

    -You will have to start to buy things to take care of your sims basic needs, as well as the following to prepare for the baby:

    • Two items out of the Toy category (this can only be one single toy)
    • One item out of the Kid's Decorations category

    -It is up to you if you want your sim to have a home birth or give birth in the hospital

    -If you are having a home birth, you will need to buy a bassinet as well

    -Once your sim has given birth, you will need to start focusing more on the child through this stage and the following

    -The baby's needs should come before your sims

    -During the three days the child will be a baby, you will have time to focus on buying things to improve your sims mood and earn money.

    -To do this, you will have to buy the following:

    • Something so you can eat quick meals (a cooler or camp fire will work best if you have Outdoor Retreat)
    • Something to allow your sims to have fun (this mainly focuses on the adult sim, asyou have the toys from the last stage)
    • A toilet and shower (or bath)
    • A suitable place to sleep for the child

    -If you managed to get a few/all of these things during the last stage, work on earning money

    -Now your sims a child, your matriarch will have to really have to start putting in the effort to help her child get A grades at school and reach level 10 in one skill

    -You should aim to have the childs homework done every day

    - By the time the child has aged up into a teenager, you should have:

    • The beginnings of a house (a kitchen, bathroom, "living space" (which could just be a sofa and TV) and one or two bedrooms)
    • A stove
    • A fully furnished bathroom (sink, shower or bath and toilet)
    • Okay quality beds for both sims
    • A TV
    • A dining table
    • A skill building item for the child

    -If you have the basis of a house, you can change the matriarchs clothes to something a bit nicer if you gave her simpler clothes at the start

    -Again, if you have all the things mentioned, focus on earning money to go towards the next stage.

    -The final stage! Before your sim ages into a young adult and flies the nest, you should, again, aim for A grades at school and reach level 10 in a skill that relates to the skill they mastered in the child stage

    -Again, aim to have the teens homework done each day.

    -By the time your sim is all grown up, you should aim to have:

    • A good looking house, with the same rooms as before, but hopefully upgraded
    • Good quality beds for both sims, and maybe a double bed for the mother
    • A skill building item (or items) for the teen
    • Any other items you feel are needed in order to reach the last goals to complete the challenge

    -The challenge ends once the teen has aged up into a young adult.

    If this challenge is similar to any others you know, please tell me. I know some challenges are similar, but I haven't seen any that are identical.


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  2. Smileyyy

    Oooooh I like it looking forward to do it c:
  3. The Caffeinated Simmer

  4. SteContarini

    This sounds amazing! Thanks <3
  5. The Caffeinated Simmer


    So excited to have started this! <3
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  6. Miss Simmer

    I want to do this challenge - but for The Sims 2. I don't have The Sims 2 seasons installed..so in order to do the collectables(not sure if that is in The Sims 2 Seasons), vegetables, and fishing...what could I do??? I mean, how can I go about starting this challenge in general for The Sims 2 ? :D I have The Sims 2 Double Deluxe, The Sims 2 Open For Business, The Sims 2 Pets, and The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff installed. ( I don't own The Sims 2 Seasons).
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  7. WiseSimmer

    Will it work in sims 4?
  8. Lilysimmer45

    This looks like a really good challenge i will try it! :)

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