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  1. Shanty Walle
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    Shanty Walle

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    Hey, guys so I've been watching a lot of build challenges and was inspired to make on myself. You have to build a home using ONLY red, green and blue! If you are interested, here are the rules:

    RGB Challenge/Primary Color Challenge Rules
    ONLY Red, Green, and Blue are allowed
    Minimal White and black allowed.
    Minimal Yellow allowed.
    Plants, Terrain Mailboxes, and Windows are the ONLY exception
    Must have a certain amount of items of RGB:
    5 for a tiny/small house
    10 for a medium house
    15 for a large house
    20 for a huge house

    Link this thread in description
    Nominate at least 2 other YouTubers to join challenge

    A maximum of $100,000
    Have Fun!!

    Disclaimer: The color model for light-emitting displays is RGB so as far as computer graphics go, green is a primary color.​

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  2. PLUMEftw


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    Cute challenge - I love these sort of things where you're restricted to things like colors/size/items/etc because it really makes you look at the catalog. I did it here:
    (linked this post in the description - hope more people try it!)

    If you have your own youtube/twitter/etc account let me know and I'll add it to the info in the description of the video!

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