Runaway Legacy Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Vivacity, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. Vivacity

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    #1 Vivacity, Jan 3, 2016
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    **I just started a Let's Play of this challenge on my channel! Here's the link:

    Reply letting me know what you think, suggestions for changes, and if you try this challenge for yourself~

    The Sims 4 Runaway Legacy Challenge

    By Vivacity

    **Disclaimer: I went looking for a version of this challenge but wasn’t able to find one that mashed up the Teen Runaway Challenge and the Legacy Challenge in the way that I wanted to play, so I’ve created my own. Other challenges similar to this one may and probably do exist, and any apparent copying or stealing of their ideas is unintentional. I also did not create either the Teen Runaway Challenge or the Legacy Challenge.

    • The basic premise of this challenge is that it has two phases. Phase One starts off like the Runaway Teen Challenge but Phase Two develops it into a Legacy.

    • YOUR FOUNDER can be male or female, with any appearance you so desire. However, they must be a teen and have just become one. They can have a family, or live on their own, but you will need to cheat to get them into a household by themselves. The easiest way to do this is to create them as a young adult, and then use <testingcheats true> and <cas.fulleditmode> to go into CAS and make them a teenager.
      • Your founder can have any traits, but keep in mind that using traits that improve gardening skill boosts and collection of items will make the challenge easier, and less of a challenge.

    • You can start out on any lot that you wish, but it must be totally empty and you must start with 0 simoleons. You can do this by using the cheats <testingcheats true> and then <money 0>
    • For added realism in your game, you may use money cheats to decorate the lot to look like a forest or other natural landscape. However, no objects may be placed that you can use for your Sim’s needs or skill building, and absolutely no buildings or enclosures. The point is to make your own money to survive.

    • Phase One: Your teen has just run away.
      • No using your cell phone, except for travelling.
      • No going to school.
      • You may not eat, sleep, or shower in other Sims’ homes. You may use the bathroom and interact with them while you visit.
      • As a teen who has just run away, you can’t talk to Sims that are above the age stage of teenager.
      • Your Sim may not have a job until they are a Young Adult. Instead, make money through gardening, fishing, collecting, painting, etc.
      • You do not have to pay your bills, as you do not have any electricity or water to be shut off on your lot.
      • You may not build a home until you have enough money to build what qualifies as a whole house. This means it must have a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom/living room. (Minimum of Three separate rooms) At this point, you may pay your bills as long as you can afford them.
      • You may move someone in with your Sim if you wish, but they must not bring any money into the household when they move. To insure this, they must be living with other Sims before they move in with you.
      • You must build your house by the time you become a Young Adult, or you fail this challenge.
    • Phase Two: You have become a Young Adult and have a house of your own.
      • Now that you’re a Young Adult, you may interact with Sims of all ages. You may also now use your phone and restrictions on taking care of your needs are lifted when you visit other Sims’ homes.
      • You may now get a job.
      • You can still move in other Sims, but may NOT allow them to bring money to your household. This is true for the entirety of this challenge.
      • Your Sim now dreams of having a successful lineage, (aspiration change) and must have at least one child to carry on their legacy, and their child must have at least one child, etc. Adoption is allowed, and adopted kids can be heirs.
      • Each heir of the generation must live in the household that they’re born in. (You can’t move away from your parents, although you may move to a new lot with your family). The only sims that you may move out of your house are children that are not going to be heirs, and once they move out, they cannot move back in.
      • Heirs can be male or female, or have any traits. However, each time a child is born or ages up, their traits must be randomized.
      • The hardest part of this challenge is now simply making it to the end—10 Generations of Sims descended from that one runaway teen!
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  2. Alliiecatxx01
    Very Inspired

    Staff Member

    Full Time College Student
    I can't wait to play!
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  3. Caowl

    This is awesome! I'm absolutely going to make videos of this! Stay tuned if you'd like to watch them :)
  4. Spacey72659

    I started my Alphabet legacy as a runaway teen legacy - I actually had each generation run away as teens (I got tired of starting over each generation so in the 'E' generation I just started playing the family as it was in stead of running away).
  5. Bloudwedd

    I have started a Rainbowcy Runaway Challenge here:

    (Sorry fresh to the forum so I can not link yet)
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  6. MsValkryieAngel

    Sounds like I pretty fun challenge :)
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  7. roxisangel

    Ooh, I just started it and I like it a lot so far. I realized VERY quickly that I needed my Sim to live in a neighborhood with a public restroom, and I find it very difficult to only talk to teenage Sims, but other than that I think I'm doing pretty well.
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  8. MoonChildGirl

    i'm playing this challenge too but the regular one mixed with one that i saw but cant remenber basicaly my sim will live only from gardening and i will use mostly the outdoor stuff to be more realistic.
    Really liked your voice and the way you explain thing not boring at all you're very sweet
    will catch some of your videos latter :p
    :thumbsup: :heartts4::stophand:
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  9. SailorDrew

    Your voice has an amazing quality to it! I'll have to check out your channel! Also, I think the mash up works! There are definitely some challenges that I've thought about Frankensteining together. ^_^
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  10. SimmerUP

    Sounds Fun!
    your voice is so pretty! I can't wait to the next part!
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  11. SillyPerson525

    I FINALLY FINISHED THIS!!! It too kind 2 weeks mainly because my dumb computer broke. Luckily it saved!!:rolleyes::plumbob:
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