Servo traits mod

Discussion in 'Request Hub' started by Yaroph, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Yaroph

    #1 Yaroph, Apr 28, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
    It is by seeing the mod "Ghost Needs" (modthesims. info/download.php?t=593759) that this idea came to me.

    Creates a "robot" trait that would change the needs of the sims :
    Electricity like the Sun PlantSim's need (And create a ""bed"" resembling charging station as in the sims 2 specially to recharge the sun) fun, social and special hunger (like Scrap Reserves on simbot in sims 3) They could not eat normal food (like vampires) but only the piece of metals that we use to improve the objects.

    With this he has these kitchen, mechanical and cleaning skills to the maximum and he has the AI of Butler when he is not controlled

    And if you could at the same time create a model 3d combining the ability to put on hats as in this mod (modthesims. info/download.php?t=542670) and to have the clothes of this mod (modthesims. info/download.php?t=569354) (see even add new clothing or color of Servo) would be great

    Really sorry for my english, i am french (and very bad in english)

  2. Yaroph

    Maybe something similar to Sorcerer Mod by CardTaken

    modthesims. info/download.php?t=594052

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