So, my thoughts of those "Gameplay Videos" and stuff...

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs' started by Pettro33, Oct 30, 2017.

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  1. Pettro33

    Oh my, those videos are so frickin cool. But I saw some things (as I am curious deal with it), and they looked... uncomfortable. I am gonna point out what freaked me out.

    - There are only 3 townie households. Frickin 3. City Living, in comparison, had 8 townie households.
    - That brings to second point, the map is beautiful and everything, but it's smaller in my opinion than rest of other worlds.
    - As for townie households, all of them CHANGED. Delgatos look different now, Catarina (crazy lady) looks MORE different now, heck even the gay couple looks different now. What?! I liked the old version of them, put it back.

    However, on the good side (so you dont think im pessimistic lol):
    - Uncontrollable pets are even more fun than controllable ones! It looks so cute.
    - The fact dogs can swim is frickin sweet!
    - According to Polish sims-site, DotSims, they are some new good things about the patch that will come with new EP. Some new things (probably) are:
    x New roof types (confirmed I think)
    x Culling option (idk what that means, but i think its something to do with households and generations)
    x When you click New Game button, instead of game port you to CAS, it will port you to Manage Worlds. Thats kinda sad actually, as I liked starting in CAS lol.
    x Vampires and Aliens are now both under Occult option in CAS.
    x And finally, you can resize DOWN the objects! (woohoo)

    So yeah, so far I'm liking it and I hope I will like it when it comes out as well! :)
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  2. Chelsea Cat

    As for the two first points - there is SO MUCH added to the game that it's like a NEW game not just an EP. So I don't care about the number of the households and the size of the world.
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  3. AquaSimmer

    Premium Member

    As for the world size, I seem to like how each word is kind of random with how many neighborhoods there are.This world looks perfect, and there's a lot of extra open space to run around. As for households, I've never cared about the number so I can't really say it bothers me lol.

    I've been campaigning for new game> world view for SO LONG. I'm so excited that you won't have to go to CAS, now I can just build if I want to. Or build the house first before creating the family.

    Choosing the Sim cap is a very important feature, now people can avoid culling all together, or can choose favorite households to save.
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  4. Pettro33

    Yeah, youre right girls. :D
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  5. Nayec5

    These things that you mention won't come with the EP, they will come in a free update some days before (maybe the7th or the 8th of november) for everybody. If you buy or not the new EP you'll have them in you game. ;)

    Edit: Sorry, I didn't read the word "patch". o_O
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  6. SallyC

    Goddess of my Sim people
    I really enjoy watching the pets move. It seems like everything is exactly how it's supposed to be: realistic but it still goes very well with the cartoon-ish look of the whole game.

    What amused me a lot was the golden poop. What a surprise! I just sat there with an open mouth and couldn't believe it. :D It impressed me so much that I still remember that the probability of golden poop is 5 %. :D Not so little if you play a lot.
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