Stage Five Clinger/ Bae Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by MiniWinnieMinnie, Jan 27, 2016.

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  1. MiniWinnieMinnie

    College student
    *** This is an easy-going challenge that I created off the top of my head when I gave one of my sims the Jealousy trait. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and that I should share it! :D ***

    Starting Off

    •Your sim MUST possess the Jealousy trait, but CANNOT possess the Romantic or Noncommittal traits. The rest are fair game.​

    •Your sim MUST have the Soulmate aspiration.​

    •Simoleons, age, skills, family, and just about everything else that makes your sim who they are, aren't an issue! Clingers come from all walks of life!​

    •Cheats are optional, however you are NOT allowed to adjust your sim or Bae’s Cheat Needs at any time or Modify Bae in CAS mode. Accept your Bae as they are!​

    How To Play
    Finding Bae:
    • Anyone and everyone has the ability to become a Bae! Townies, NPCs, Aliens, etc.
    • Find out any info you can about your target as soon as possible (i.e. traits, career, address…)
      • Use this info to your advantage! If Bae is Active, pay “visits” to the Gym! If they like to dance, take them to a Nightclub! If they live in Oasis Springs, consider moving! If they work as an Entertainer, it couldn’t hurt to apply for the same job...
    • To make the challenge a bit more... challenging, I recommend finding a sim with the Noncommittal or Romantic traits to make your Bae.

    What to do if Bae is already in a relationship/seeing someone:
    • Oh no! Someone caught your boo before you could! Well that can be easily fixed! To win over Bae, you must fight his or her S/O THREE times (and win) before you can convince your Boo Bear to break up with/divorce their current squeeze. (Make sure your relationship is high enough for you to do this!) Feel free to be mean to/fight this sim (or any other sim who thinks they can step in on your relationship) even after you win! You gotta make sure to stake your claim, right?
      • If Bae spends a lot of time with someone who could be a potential threat to your relationship, don’t be afraid to let your meaner side show! No one else can have Bae!

    Socializing/Interacting with Bae:

    • How is your Bae supposed to know that you're a ride or die if you don't talk to them every day? You must call your boo at least twice a day, text them at least five times in a row, and chat with them using a computer for no less than an hour (Sim time) IF you have no plans to see Bae face to face. You do NOT have to complete all of these actions in one day, but you have to let them know that you’re not going anywhere!
    • Because your sim is jealous, they will often become tense from the Feeling Insecure moodlet if they haven’t seen Bae in a while. To remedy this problem, you MUST interact with Bae face to face until your sim gains the All Mine moodlet. You are NOT allowed to let the Feeling Insecure moodlet run its full course (24 hours). Who knows what kind of shady sims might try to seduce Bae?!
    • When planning a social event or receiving an invitation to do something, you must always invite Bae.
      • If you have GET TOGETHER, club gatherings are an exception.
      • Whoops! Bae “forgot” to invite you over again! Feel free to pop in and check on your boo while they’re at home (if they have one) or invite them over!
    • When out and about, if you encounter Bae by chance, you MUST interact with them.
    • Always allow Bae to fulfill interactions with your sim. If they want to tell a joke to your sim, kiss your sim, or even yell at your sim, you have to allow them to do so if your sim is willing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let all of these interactions slide by…
      • Exceptions to this rule are if your sim needs to address a need STAT, your sim has to work, or you encounter a problem while playing.
    • You must always accept Bae’s invitations to do anything. This goes for dates and any other social outings.
      • This is mandatory even if you’re at work, or in the middle of a club gathering. Drop everything for the Bae!
    • There’s not enough Bae to go around! When on dates with Bae, DO NOT allow any other sim to intrude on your conversation. (Don’t you HATE when this happens?) You must get any offending sims to leave you and Bae alone.
    • After each First with Bae, you must take a photo with or of your boo. This goes for first kiss, first time holding hands, first embrace, first woohoo, etc.

    Other Relationships:

    • You may only have ONE romantic relationship at a time and ALL of your flirty interactions are restricted to Bae. Under no circumstances are you to flirt or be flirted with someone who is not THE ONE.
    • They’re your Before Anyone Else for a reason! Your Friendship bar with anyone else (family, friends, etc.) must NOT exceed your Friendship Bar with Bae. Once your Friendship bar is maxed out with your boo, you are free to max out your other relationships.
    • If someone’s relationship tops Bae’s, you MUST do what you have to in order to correct this! Bae is #1!

    Moving on from Bae/ Finding a new Bae:

    • Not everyone finds the perfect Bae on the first try! Feel free to keep an eye out for THE ONE until you find them! Note that you MUST break up with your current Bae before you can move on to someone new and you can only perform non-romantic interactions with exes (unless you want to start over with them) and other not Baes.


    • You can have children with Bae before you wed, but their relationship with your sim is also limited to the rules under Other Relationships above.


    • You can propose to Bae whenever you want (and however many times you want if the first proposal isn’t successful), but you are only allowed to wed after your sim receives the "Get Married To..." whim AND if both your Friendship and Romantic Bars are maxed out.
    • Bae is NOT allowed to move in until you are married!
    • To marry Bae and live a happy and perfect life together... FOREVER!

    Challenge Completion
    • The challenge ends once you've completed the Soulmate aspiration!
    *** I hope that everyone who gives this challenge a try enjoys it as much as I did! Happy Simming! ***

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  2. Caellista
    Very Happy

    City Office Clerk
    This looks fun :p
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  3. MiniWinnieMinnie

    College student
    It really is! Hopefully you have fun doing it! :D
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  4. CatMeistr
    Very Happy

    bush enthusiast
    K i get the noncommital = no thing but why not romantic? I'm just wondering other than that I really wanna do it and i'm gonna right now.
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  5. MiniWinnieMinnie

    College student
    Hey CatMeistr! The reason why I excluded the Romantic trait was because I didn't want my sim to be distracted trying to flirt with everyone else besides The One in case my attention was elsewhere. It just made the challenge easier for me and it helps out by limiting all of your romantic interactions/relationships to the sim you're pursuing. This challenge is super easy-going though, so I recommend you find a bae with the Romantic/Unflirty/Noncommittal traits to shake things up a bit! I hope you have/had fun with this challenge! :shootingstar:
  6. OliviaSimmer
    Very Inspired

    This sounds like a super fun and cute challenge! I love the idea of having a "Bae" in the Sims, I don't know why. Well, again great challenge!
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  7. MiniWinnieMinnie

    College student
    Thanks so much, OliviaSimmer! We all need a little "Bae" in our lives, even sims! :D

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