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Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Ideas' started by Simfan923, Feb 6, 2018.

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  1. Simfan923

    I know this is not entirely a fan favorite with most people. I get that there are soooooo many other ideas out there but I honestly am craving a new fame/superstar pack. Superstar was probably my second favorite EP from TS1 and I'm hoping to see it come to fruition again in TS4. Here are just a few ideas I have for the pack. Let me know what you think.
    • The careers should be things like Acting/Directing, Model/Fashion Designer and Singer.
    • Careers might be like CL careers where your sims can go to work or do out side activities and go back to work.
    • Possible to have them more like GTW careers where you can go with them?
    • It should be hard to become a celebrity and that doing so means you can easily lose celebrity status.
    • Celebrity Status should be interchangeable if possible like the Superstar EP. Sims could still primarily do one career but dabble in others like a singer being in a fashion show every once in a while
    • Singers can record albums, shoot music videos, perform on stage (?)
    • Actors can choose to do either movies or tv shows and have different genres to choose from. (Horror, SciFi, Drama,Romance, Comedy, Action etc)
    • Models can run a fashion runway and pose for magazine covers
    • Directors can write their stories and watch them on the silver screen
    • Fashion designers can design new looks for sims like with mannequins.
    • Sims who start from the bottom go through a talent agent or can be discovered.
    • Big Perks for being a celebrity like special treatments and things like that.
    • Maybe a chance for a sim to win an award for their craft. Simmy award (Music) or the Sim Choice Award (popularity)
    • Possible Award shows (off lot event like volunteer work).
    • Celebrities suffer too like paparazzi following them everywhere, tabloids, feuds with other people.
    • Simstagram should be an official thing and it makes it possible for celebrity sims to keep in touch with fans.
    • Also having meet and greets with fans as well and autograph signings.
    • Bodyguards
    • Collaborating with other artists
    • Star Trailer
    • Crazy Fan(s)
    • Appearing on Talk Shows/Doing interviews
    • Voice Acting for kids cartoon shows.
    • Toddler/Child/Teen actors?
    • Maybe ^ if Kid and Teen shows are a thing and if there are commercial auditions.
    • Possibly doing movies on location like Granite Falls or other places.
    • Special Events like Red Carpets
    • A studio location (similar like Superstar) where sims can access it only if they choose to be in the fame career track. Again, similar to how the GTW careers work.

    • Bands should be a returned feature.
    • If Bands become a thing, new instruments should be implemented.
    • The system might work the same as clubs from GT.
    • Some bands could hold auditions for new members.
    • Maybe a Superstar/Fame Skill? (Up to lvl 5 or lvl 10)
    • I mentioned chance cards but I want to elaborate more on those:
    • Celebrity Chance cards might be dependent on a Superstar skill. The higher the skill, the more options on how to handle certain situations.
    • Pretty much like the Parenting skill.
    • A possible "Superstar Value" (system like Character Values)
    • RESERVED for Superstar Value IDEAS
    • Fame Skill will unlock more career opportunities.
    • Sim Star Ratings.
    • Along with events such as red carpets and meet and greets, I would like there to be other "off screen" events as well
    • Another possible career would be a reality TV star.
    • If not a career, maybe it could be a certain genre that sims can pursue.
    • The "exclusive" Studio world could include things from Superstar like recording studios or movie/tv sets.
    • New Aspiration: A-Lister: Your sim wants to become completely unforgettable. Help them rise to the top and become Studio Town's hottest new A-lister
    • Reward Trait: Star Quality. Everyone loves your sim and their status as a celebrity makes it too hard for people to not love them. Job opportunities will have increased success and they can make even the most scandalous rumor disappear.
    • New Radio Stations: Hip Hop and R&B
    • Projects that flop will affect your sims' star rating and will get them talked about )not in a good way).
    • VIP parties with the return of a bouncer (?)

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  2. Theotherdesanta

    Totally agree with these! I never played the sims 1 expansions but having been a fan of sims 3 showtime and Late night with it's film star glamour, this is definitely something I pray EA bring back!
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  3. JulesB

    I would love that!
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  4. Jeremia_Lecato
    Very Angry

    Recording artist, dancer, YouTube personality
  5. simaginative

    Storyteller & Professional Dreamer
    You have a lot of great ideas, never played superstar in the sims 1 but I did have fun playing with celebrities in sims 3. Only thing is, I found the paparazzi hanging around outside my sims houses completely ANNOYING, so not looking forward to having that in sims 4. The new caeers would be awesome but you forgot Screenwriter (I only noticed cause that's what I want to be IRL) maybe it could be a branch of the existing writer career.

    Also, I miss pets having jobs. This would be a great way to bring that back, having your pets working in the Film/TV or Fashion career. Maybe the pets could become famous too and have their own simstagram page like in real life.
  6. Simfan923

    TS3 fame system was great but initially I wasn't too happy like you are with how paparazzi was handled. It's very realistic don't get me wrong but I think it was how easily attainable the celebrity status was that made me not like it too much. That's why I hope there is a challenge or at least effort to become a celebrity in this pack. Sims who aspire to become celebrities need to know that they will struggle to get to the top but can quickly be knocked down.

    I think it's cool that you want to be a screenwriter as well. I hope to become one too but focusing on psychology as a backup haha. I did think about how screenwriters should be implemented in the game. I think that maybe being a writer should be something that is either a branch or maybe a career level. Basically, directing is the end goal. My reasoning for this is because active careers have so far come in three. GTW was full fledged active careers with single career tracks and CL offers three hybrid careers (i.e. inactive but can work from home). I guess it would depend on which career system they want to use. Now if they do choose the hybrid then I could see Directing/Writing, Solo Singer/Band and Fashion Designer/Model.

    As far as pets go i would love for pet careers to return! My only thing is that's something that would require CD.
  7. Adlw


    | Singers can record albums, shoot music videos, perform on stage (?)
    | Bodyguards
    | Crazy Fan(s)
    | Special Events like Red Carpets

    I noticed that these sentences there but in reality all that you put I will need it so much to better shape my history.
    Such an addon would be complete and would really add a fascinating gameplay.
    I add the possibility to form Boys or Girls band. ^^
    Sacrificial (Modder) is trying to make a mod that takes some of these concepts for a Mod Famour but it would be so good that there is official content. For nothing to do here, normally the time I had to spend to gather CC, Poses.
    An addon like that and the staff Maxis returns to the Simmers without problems.
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  8. Simfan923

    Hey guys just wanted to add an update on the Fame Skill levels: 3/14/18
    • · Level 1: Sims at this level will be new to the scene. They want to become 5-star celebrities/A-Listers and will do whatever it takes to get to that level…even stepping on a few toes. Projects are slim and most of them are background or behind the scene roles but it’s a start. Maybe there is some hope that they will be given their big break. Just don’t forget your friends and family when you make it big.

    • · Level 2: Sims at this level are getting noticed. Some fans notice them in the streets and it’s a great feeling. But they aren’t getting any fan mail just yet. Now it’s time to get to work and start working even harder. It’s hard to get anywhere but it’s easy to get knocked down. X is getting more projects and is getting recognition by the bigger studios but they still have a long way to go.

    • · Level 3: X is making a name for themselves! Fans are coming up to your sim to get autographs and take selfies on the street. X is making more money and is becoming the talk of the town. While many sims are happy for your sim, others aren’t too enthusiastic about your sim becoming a rising star and are willing to knock you down a peg. X will need to watch their backs for the jealous celebrities and even their “friends”.

    • · Level 4: Your sim has come so far and their work is paying off. More elite studios are looking at X and they just might be interested in them. Your sims’ face is everywhere and their name is in bright lights. Everywhere they go they get special treatment and sometimes, unwanted attention from the paparazzi. Fans will want to know what you’re doing, what you’re wearing and who you’re dating every second of the day. Your sim is enjoying the limelight but how long will it last? Will X crash and burn? Or will they finally make their way to the top?

    • · Level 5: X has made it to the top! Hanging out with the best of the best and are doing big things. With more fans and money than they can count, X is living the lap of luxury. Talk shows, red carpets and awards…the works! Your sim doesn’t seem to want to stop any time soon and plans on staying at the top. All of that hard work has paid off and X is an A-lister.
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  9. KatieSim

    I love those ideas!
  10. Blade X

    I would Love to see this
  11. Jeremia_Lecato
    Very Angry

    Recording artist, dancer, YouTube personality
    I hope this pack will be announced if my only favorite music will get back to The Sims 4!

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