The Pet Pedigree Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Andauril91, Oct 23, 2017.

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  1. Andauril91

    The Pet Pedigree Challenge

    In light of the upcoming "Cats & Dogs" expansion, I thought it was time for a pet themed challenge.

    This challenge was inspired by other generational challenges like the Legacy Challenge, but this time around, it is not your Sims who are the focus! Instead, their new furry companions will be at the front and centre of this challenge.

    Getting started

    Enter Create-a-Sim and create a single young adult Sim. The Sim may have any aspiration, any gender and any combination of traits. They can be an alien, but not a vampire. This will be the caretaker.

    After you have created the sim, add a single cat or dog to the household. They have to be in the kitten or puppy life stage, but may be any race, female or male, and have any selection of traits. This pet will be the progenitor.

    After you created both the caretaker and the progenitor, move them into any lot and reduce the household funds to 5.000 simoleons. Of the remaining simoleons, buy approx. 1000 simoleons worth of pet utensils (toys, food bowls, cat trees, etc.) The remaining 4000 Simoleons will be your starting funds.

    Lifespan has to be set to normal.

    The Goal

    Your goal is it to establish a pedigree, starting with the progenitor pet, that encompasses 10 generations of cats/dogs.

    Your caretaker may marry and have children, but they are not allowed to take a job. Their job is to take care of the pets. They may paint or write to earn money, however.

    Your first goal is it to establish a bond between caretaker and progenitor, and to raise the progenitor pet to adult.

    After the progenitor has reached the adult lifestage, it is time to find them a mate. This can be done using the following methods:

    • Adopting a pet with the pet adoption service.

    • Befriending a stray and letting it move in.

    • Adopting a pet from one of the other sims in the neigbhourhood.

    After the progenitor has had their first offspring, they have done their work and it is time for them to retire: Neuter them!

    Now it’s time to chose which of the progenitors offspring will carry on the pedigree, so choose wisely, because you will have to neuter the rest of the litter. If your progenitor only had one kitten or puppy, they will be the heir. Every other pet than the heir will have to be neutered. Offspring born after a pet run away and returned pregnant is not eligible as heir.

    The heir will now carry on the pedigree, which includes all the steps and rules that had to be taken for the progenitor as well: Raising them up to adult, establishing a bond with the caretaker, finding them a mate, and eventually offspring.

    When the maximum household size is reached, move out all non-essential sims and pets (the current heir/progenitor, their mate and every Sim who isn’t the caretaker).

    Because it’s possible that your caretaker will not live to see all 10 generations of the pedigree, they will have to ensure another caretaker will take their place. This can happen by moving in another younger Sim via befriending them, by adoption, marriage or pregnancy.

    Once your pet pedigree has reached the 10th generation, the Challenge is won.


    No cheats, unless they are used for debugging behaviour, or reducing household funs (see “Getting started” and “Difficulty modifiers” sections).

    You are not allowed to move out of the lot chosen at the beginning of the challenge, or the challenge is lost.

    If the progenitor/heir dies without having offspring to carry on the pedigree, the challenge is lost.

    If the caretaker dies before the 10th generation is reached, and there is no Sim to take their place, the challenge is lost.

    If the pets are taken away from the caretaker, the challenge is lost.


    3 points when the progenitor/heir reaches adulthood.
    1 point when any pet other than the progenitor/heir reaches adulthood.
    3 points for establishing a bond/friendship between progenitor/heir and caretaker.
    1 point for establishing a bond/friendship between any other pet in the household and caretaker.
    1 point per offspring born to the progenitor/heir.
    2 points for spending 2000 Simoleons on pet stuff (excluding starting funds).
    1 point for every trick/behaviour/skill taught to the progenitor/heir.
    2 points for finding a mate for the progenitor/heir.
    4 points if the mate is a stray.
    15 points for completing the challenge.

    Difficulty modifiers

    To spice things up and make it more challenging, the following rules can be added to add difficulty to the challenge. The difficulty rules add each a difficulty modifier to the point yield: a difficulty modifier of x1.5 means that each point earned is multiplied by 1.5. The difficulty modifiers are cummulative.

    - Adult Sim (Difficulty Modifier x1.5): Instead of starting with a young adult caretaker, you start with an Adult one, adding time crunch to the challenge, as the Caretaker might need to look for a successor sooner.

    - Only Stray Mates (Difficulty Modifier x2): The only eligible mates for the progenitor/heir are stray pets.

    - Purebreed (Difficulty Modifier x2.5): Only mates of the same cat/dog race are eligible mates. Additionally, you are not allowed to remove the suggested trait for the race, and all offspring has to have the preset trait as well.

    - Reduced Starting Funds (Difficulty Modifier x1.5): Instead of 5000 simoleons, you start of with only 1500. You will still have to spend approx. 1000 of these on pet stuff.

    - Pet Taxes (Difficulty Modifier x1.5): At the end of each week, your caretaker has to remove 500 Simoleons from the household funds as an additional tax.

    - 5 more generations (Difficulty Modifier x2): Instead of 10 generations, the pedigree has to encompas 15.

    Have fun!
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  2. ThePersephonis

    Sound funny, can't way to do it!
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  3. MRSJE16
    Very Happy

    Sounds like fun! Will definitely be trying this challenge!
  4. WoolieMouse
    Very Happy

    I would love to give this challenge a go!
  5. OJenn
    Very Energized

    This is a very cool spin on the typical legacy challenge! I can't wait to do this.
  6. Andauril91

    You can share your creations in the Gallery, tag: #pedigreechallenge
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