The Sims 3 Bucket List Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by CurlySimmer, Mar 28, 2016.

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Does your sim dare to live his or her life to its fullest?

  1. Been born ready - challenge accepted!

  2. Sorry, my sim needs to get back to work.

  1. CurlySimmer

    The Sims 3 Bucket List Challenge


    Inspired by Eat Pray Love, Rose's fulfilled life in the Titanic and my own primarily sedentary life, I present to you The Bucket List Challenge. [​IMG] When playing The Sims 3, I tend to play house and go for the same goals every time – get a job, build a house, find a man and start a family. I love my sims, but rarely let them experience more of what life The Sims 3 has to offer, due to time constraints and the wish to further the family line. The game is full of so many wonderful things to do which I have yet tapped on.

    The point of this challenge is to allow your sim to break out of the nine to five rut and challenge her to leave her comfort zone. And of course to revisit The Sims 3, discover all the things you missed out on and visit new worlds!

    At least: The Sims 3 Base game
    Optimal: The expansion packs, NRaas Traveler Mod by Twallan, Installed Worlds from the simmer community and/or The Sims 3 Store

    Check every item off the bucket list. (The list may vary depending on which expansion packs are installed.)

    Getting Started
    • Create a young adult sim of any gender and trait mishmash.
    • Your sim can move on to any lot he can afford.
    • Life shouldn’t be rushed. – No life span restrictions.
    • Embrace change. – Your sim must move, preferably to a new town and change their profession each at least five times.
    • Stay curious. – Master at least five different skills.
    • Take your time to discover. – Always choose the longest possible vacation stay when traveling.
    • Make connections. – Befriend at least two sims in each new town you move to / land you visit and keep in touch.
    • Stay modest. – No money cheats.
    • Cherish memories. – Keep a journal or video diary of your sims’ adventures. It would be great if you share it too. :)
    • Go for gold. – Check every item off the list.
    Mod Rules
    • To make traveling easier, you are allowed to use cheats to manipulate traveling restrictions, such as changing the VISA level and stopping the travel clock. However, all traveling costs must be financed by your sim’s hard earned money. NO money cheats.
    • Any mods or CC that enable new gameplay – and therefore more items on your bucket list – are allowed.

    NRaas Traveler by Twallan
    Traveler is one of the many Godsend mods by nraas and adds any installed worlds to the destination selection menu when planning a vacation. The mod can also be configured to manipulate the VISA level your sim has and pause the travel clock. When on vacation, your sim also has the option to permanently stay in the new world. This mod requires an installation of World Adventures.

    Travel Destinations

    There are a ton of great worlds created by the simmer community. They are all very unique, from the bustling city topped off with skyscrapers to the smaller island oasis. Depending on where your sim lands new possibilities to lengthen your sim’s bucket list may arise. You can find a good overview of possible vacation destinations (or new towns) for your sim to visit if you go to the site The Sims Catalog.​
    The Sims 3 Store also has plenty of worlds available for download, each with new gameplay to lengthen the bucket list.​

    Bucket List*:D
    * This list can be updated with new items based on your suggestions.

    Seize the moment
     Watch Sunrise
     Go to a Concert
     Sleep on the Beach
     See the Northern Lights (SW)
     Meet Your Idol (LN)
     See a Circus Show (ST)
     Gamble (SW)
     Ride in a Limousine
     Grape Stomping (WA)
     Gondola Ride (SW)
     Sleep Under the Stars
     Make a Bonfire (UL)
     Go on a Boat Ride (IP)
     Write a Love Letter (S)
     Have a Water balloon / Snowball Fight (S)
     Kiss in the Rain (S)
     Sing Karaoke (ST)
     Dance on the Bar (LN)
     Go Horseback Riding (P)

    Challenge yourself
     Play an Instrument
     Learn Another Language (WA)
     Get Married
     Build a House
     Reach Nirvana (WA)
     Adopt an Animal (P)
     Become Spring King or Queen (S)
     Go Ice-Skating (S)
     Go Roller-Skating (S)
     Paint a Masterpiece
     Run a Marathon
     Get a University Degree (UL)
     Publish a Book
     Build an Igloo (S)
     Plant a Tree
     Take a Cooking Class
     Renovate an Old House
     Harvest Honey (SN)
     Restore a Car (SW)
     Harvest a baby PlantSim (S)

    Be daring & leave your comfort zone

     Streaking (UL)
     Ride a Rollercoaster (SW)
     Snorkeling (IP)
     Scuba Diving (IP)
     Fall in Love
     Go Skinny Dipping (LN)
     Climb a Mountain
     Go Snowboarding (S)
     Protest
     Charm a Snake (WA)
     Ride a Horse (P)
     Go Waterskiing (IP)
     Hot Air Balloon Ride (SW)
     Swim with Mermaids (IP)
     Swim with Sharks (IP)
     Discover The Kraken (IP)
     Get a Tattoo
     Ride a Unicorn (P)
     Ride the Mechanical Bull (ST)
     Do Graffiti (UL)
     Do the Cinnamon Challenge (UL)
     Enter the Polar Bear Club (S)
     Set off Fireworks (WA/S)
     Visit a Haunted House
     Go Camping (WA)
     Go on a Blind Date (M)
     Interview a Vampire (LN/SN)
     Fight a Mummy (WA)
     Talk to a Ghost
     Hunt with a Werewolf (SN)

    Travel & explore
     Go on Safari in Ziwa Bonde (CW)
     Visit the Pyramids in Al Simhara, Egypt (WA)
     Explore a Tomb (WA)
     Visit the Forgotten Burial Mound in Champs Les Sims, France (WA)
     Visit the Chateau du Landgraab in Champs Les Sims, France (WA)
     Visit The Dragon's Maw in Shang Simla, China (WA)
     Visit the Eiffel Tower (CW)
     Sleep in a Castle
     Trek through Cape Garner (CW)

    Abbreviations Key:

    SW = Store World
    CW = Custom World
    M = Mod Enabled
    WA = World Adventures
    A = Ambitions
    LN = Late Night
    G = Generations
    P = Pets
    ST = Showtime
    SN = Supernatural
    S = Seasons
    UL = University Life
    IP = Island Paradise
    ITF = Into the Future


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  2. CurlySimmer

    You guys, feel free to ask any questions about the challenge or make suggestions for more items on the bucket list. Would love to hear what you think about this challenge. Good or bad, your feedback is more than welcome. :)

    I am planning on beginning The Bucket List Challenge sometime this week and will keep you all posted on how it goes. :) If anyone else decides to start the challenge as well, I would be ecstatic to see how things turn out for your sim!

    Till then,
    Happy Simming!​
  3. jovjovan
    Very Inspired

    jovjovan Founder
    Staff Member

    Graphic Designer
    Love the idea of this challenge so much - I'm sure it'll make simmers play a couple of The Sims 3 sessions :)

    I'll be promoting this thread over the week. Thank you for sharing!
    • Thank you! Thank you! x 1
  4. CurlySimmer

    Thank you @jovjovan, I'm glad you like it and thanks a lot for the promotion! :D I really love The Sims 3 and am happy to give others an idea to get back in the game. :)
  5. CurlySimmer

    Here's a sneak peek at what I'm planning for The Bucket List Challenge. Her name is Zoey...​

  6. CurlySimmer

    I want to tell a story while completing this challenge, so I've created Zoey and have developed a backstory for her. I tried out machinima for the first time and created a video for the story's prologue:

    Dear Emma,
    I miss you.

    At our age one’s own mortality isn’t a present thought in our minds. I wasn’t preoccupied with the when, where, how and why of it all. Not yet worried about such mundane details as of that of my existence or how best to spend it. Much less did I consider the limited time I had with the ones around me. Strangers, enemies, my coworkers, family and friends – and you. I forgot that we don’t have forever.

    I hit rock bottom when I found out, dissolving into the cold gravel. A level cradle in my hazy stupor. I’m still reeling from the emotional implosion, dragging the thousand shattered pieces of my existence through life, day in and day out.

    I had not yet imagined a world without you. Playing out the scenarios would’ve never done the reality of it justice, neither making accepting or coping with it any easier. I wish I would’ve savored the time I did have with you more.

    Now my mind plays an infinite cruel replay of the scenarios of the past. The way I wish they would’ve played out. Me turning my phone off and listening to what you had to say instead of focusing on the million strangers in the digital void. Taking the later bus to get home, because an hour more with you is worth more than any amount of sleep would have – could have – ever mattered.

    Time. More time. To laugh with you. Really laugh, the kind rumbles deep inside your gut, bursting into a loud baritone that steals your breath and tickles your soul. Talking to you, sharing the worst and the best of me, knowing you will be honest and love me either way. I miss just being with you.

    A lot of good that does me now. I was always a little behind, you know that. You always knew early on what really mattered, though. That was even more apparent after I found your list. Not even a quarter of a century old and you were already thinking ahead.

    I guess the worst part of all of this is despite my heartache and regrets, you wanted to make things count. You never got the chance to check off one thing off that darned list though. This is what really kills me. Or at least whatever is left of me after we lost you.

    Mom and Dad don’t know about the list. It would break them into pieces. No need for them to know. I’m not much in touch with them now anyway. Seems like any connections I had just dissolved after you left. As if you were the invisible glue holding it all together. We can keep the list between the two of us.

    Of all the things I regret, I don’t want to regret the future. And I don’t want to let you go. You were always my go-to person. I’m not ready to give that up yet. Don’t think I ever will. So I’m holding on to your wishes. I’m making it my life’s mission to make them come true. I will keep you posted sister dearest.

    Lots of love,

    The rest of Zoey's letters written during this challenge - with photos of her adventures - will be posted on my blog (see link in signature), but I can keep you guys updated here as well if you'd like.​
    Has anyone else started this challenge? How are things going? :)

  7. ModelSimmer

    OMG i love this idea i'd love to do this with one of my sims
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  8. CurlySimmer

    @ModelSimmer You definitely should! Would love to see what he or she would get into. :)
  9. CurlySimmer

    Oooooweee I'm glad to be able to announce a new letter from Zoey has arrived! She has already scratched some items off the bucket list and is slowly but surely getting back on the bandwagon. You can read the letter on my blog @

    Here are a few photos from the letter:

    I must admit, this challenge might be harder than I thought. :D There are just so many items on the list and at the same time my sim has to go to work, build relationships, etc. But I guess it wouldn't be a challenge then if it were any different. :D I am also playing in a new town for this challenge - The Winchester Farming Community - which is a lot of fun to discover with Zoey.

    How are things going with your sims? Any pictures to share?
  10. CurlySimmer

    OMG THE DRAMA! Zoey has absolute zero game, as she describes in her newest letter to her dear dear sister Emma, which you can read here: -> Dear Emma - Letter 2 <-

    Here are some photos from the letter:

    Zoey didn't get too much accomplished this time around and only managed to snag a kiss in the rain. She is working on her creative skills and is optimistic for the future though. :) Seems like getting married won't be achieved anytime soon however. :D
  11. KiranV

    I really want to do this. Bookmarked!
  12. Abeebah

    Wow this is a great challenge

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