Discussion in 'Challenges' started by hammer, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. hammer

    Hello, I am Hammer ! I am here to show you MY way of how to play the Midnight Sun Challenge in the sims 4 !
    Firstly, All Credits[​IMG] goes to Gurra09 From Modthesims for creating the challenge in the sims 3,I did copy some important points from the MAIN article or lists or rules x'D It may look similar

    You don't remember much of what happened but the cruise ship sank, your lifeboat broke, and you ended up here. What a lucky life, don't you think?

    Welcome to the Midnight Sun Challenge, MSC!

    You begin by creating a new game in CAS , and create a new sim who is young adult or adult. It's up to you what your sim is going to look like and all that, no restrictions.

    After your sim is done you move them to the isle's, So you ask me which isle's ? since we can not create worlds for sims 4. Its gonna be a bummer, but you have to live in Oasis Springs, Why? It kinda matches the landscape, Sand etc etc. The lot you are required to play on is Arid Ridge which is 40x30, Which costs[​IMG] $5,500.

    After going into the lot you will have $14,500 left, Now you will have to increase the money , YES increasing the money is needed by doing the cheatcode " Money $100,000".

    Now that you have the $100,000 You will need to get the " world " which is the lot, It will be in the gallery under the username FruitEnvelopes, Or use the hashtag #MidnightSun ( get the furnished one )

    Now you have the base , You will have to reduce your money again to ( $3,000 )

    now to get started , Which is most likely the last step . You have to teleport the sim inside the island. Which is the foundation, You'll have to do testingcheats true, and shift click the foundation " island "
    and click on " Teleport here " Which will teleport the sim inside the Island

    This sim is now the beginning of a family whose destiny is to survive on this little island for 5 generations,
    until the first child of 5th generation turns YA. Your sim is allowed to do whatever they want to in order to earn money[​IMG] , including painting, writing, fishing etc. The only age span allowed is Normal,
    Since there are other sims in the neighbourhood your sim MOST live in total isolation. . So You are partically safe from the humans xD, The fence is actually a defense :S!
    YOU WILL HAVE TO IGNORE ALL THE NEIGHBOURS AROUND ( u cant talk to them anyways xD! )

    So It's recommended to have Outdoor Retreat, If not DO NOT FEAR. So OR have a vacation system which leads to take you to granite falls, so you go to a vacation find a partner, DONE !
    Now if you don't have OR, You can go to venues as vacations . But You have a limit of 3 times. You can go to a SPECIFIC venue/vacation ONCE For ex., You visit the bar once, you cant go to it again with the same sim
    That DOES NOT apply[​IMG] to the whole 5 generations. Each sim in the island is limited 3 travels

    An important detail is that everyone born on the lot or married into family must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere. The only exception to this is the limited number of vacations allowed. Also, during a sim's childhood you are never allowed to choose their traits, they must be randomized. What ill usually do is swing my mouse and close my eyes xD but you guys can use The Legacy Randomiser by Pinstar !

    Do NOT try to send your children to school since there is 0% for them to get out of the island. ( They might get a D but hey )
    Finally no cheats are allowed except for when you need to reset a glitched/Bugged sim or move something that's in the way with moveobjects .
    you are not allowed to use mods that changes game conditions for skills, moods etc. If you are unsure whether a mod should be allowed or not, go for whatever you feel is reasonable, after all you are playing your game not me :)!

    Good luck on the Isle of Midnight Sun! :D

    Lastly. Credits honestly goes to Gurra09 because i had way much fun in sims 3 with it . and i felt this challenge was kinda forgotten by the community, I've waited a lot for someone to convert it, but luck was bad HAHA ! . This is my first challenge to convert


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  2. Parapluies

    Parapluies Enthusiastic Chicken Nugget
    Supreme Member

    High school student
    This challenge sounds so interesting. Looking forward to fo it :)
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  3. Purple_Simmer

    Premium Member

    I might have to give this a try lol Looks really Interesting :)
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  4. FilipeAmaral


    Oh, wow, really nice! Thanks ;)
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  5. alulllaby
    Very Sad

    alulllaby Pentaholic
    Platinum Member

    Omg. This was my fav challenge in TS3! Definitely gonna have to try this out soon!
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  6. hammer

    Oh my god SAME I used to keep redoing it ! but really never finished it :c
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  7. alulllaby
    Very Sad

    alulllaby Pentaholic
    Platinum Member

    Yeah... I never really got past gen 2.... lol.
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  8. MeaganJo
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    MeaganJo Builder
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    Stay at home mom and grandma
    I might have to try this one for giggles...
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