The Styled Rooms Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by InterstellarSim, Jan 7, 2016.

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  1. InterstellarSim

    Hi All,

    I'm InterstellarSim, this is my first challenge. It is a cross between The Every Room Challenge and Rags to Riches, but takes advantage of Get Together and the Club system.

    If there is already a challenge like mine please know that I have not seen it and am not trying to copy it. I've been playing for a LP series and I'm really enjoying it so wanted to share.

    Goal: Starting with 8 random sims, you have to purchase all Styled Rooms from Build Mode (except locked) and incorporate them into one giant house on one lot.(64x64 is best) You should use the club system to your advantage as your 8 sims will start with $0 and cannot have jobs.

    • 4 random girls and 4 random guys (all random names, traits, aspirations, clothing etc)
    • Sims cannot be related
    • All sims should have different aspirations and traits - once selected no other sim can have that aspiration or trait
    • You cannot have a job (money to be earned from fishing, painting, gardening etc)
    • Move to the 64x64 in Windenburg on the island
    • Use the money # cheat code to set household funds to 0
    • You cannot purchase a retail lot.
    • All rooms must be purchased in the order they are displayed in build mode(no picking and choosing rooms)
    • Aspiration points may be spent at any time and any potions can be shared between sims.
    • You cannot purchase the same styled room twice
    • You cannot change/modify/recolor the room in any way (other than choosing the colour scheme)
    • You may decorate the outside of the house anyway you like (wall colors, roofs, etc) but you cannot build your own walls
    • All rooms should be connected
    • You may purchase, the cheapest stereo, 1 camping shower , 1 fire pit, 1 cooler, 1 outdoor bin and the cheapest cot (max 4) at the beginning. No sink or toilet (use a bush) can be purchased.
    • Sims must stay in the club and part of the household.
    • You must rotate/play between all sims and not focus on any individual. All sims should contribute to the success of the group.

    • You must create a club at the start (call it something like 'The Styled Rooms Club') Add the first 6 members of your household (you will add the other two member using perk points)
    • You must unlock the remaining two vacancies before any other perks, then you can go crazy and pick any rewards/perks that will help you earn money/boost skills etc)

    • The gym is useful at the beginning for showering, napping and eating.
    • Beware if your exhausted sim goes swimming (you have been warned)

    The challenge is complete if you purchase all rooms and have them on your lot (I'm still playing/testing so unsure if all the rooms will actually all fit)

    Score: Your score is the number of rooms purchased and placed. There are roughly 80 rooms!

    Let me know what you think, suggestions and if you attempt this challenge yourself

    I'll be posting the 1st LP episode in a few days -
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  2. Chobi

    Wow what a challenge
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  3. InterstellarSim

    Thanks Choni, it is a big challenge and only getting bigger as there will be more styled rooms with the new Movie Hangout Stuff pack :thumbsup:

    Part 1 is up on YT -
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  4. InterstellarSim

    Quick update on the challenge - I'm up to Part 10 and have purchased the first room!

  5. evellynn37

    I'm confused, can they or can't they have jobs? It says no jobs in the rules but in your yt vids you give them jobs.
  6. InterstellarSim

    They can't have careers. I'm pretty sure they didn't in my vids because they all rotated painting, fishing and gardening. :fish:

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