The Tetris Build Challenge

Discussion 'Challenges' Posted by Kriint on Mar 20, 2016
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  1. Kriint
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    Hi there! I'm Kriint and I'm very very excited to share this challenge with you! There's a lot of reading (cause I'm very excited about it:p) but if you're not the reader type or you just don't care/don't have the time, you can skip all that and go to 'So what's the Challenge?? ' and 'Rules of the Challenge '.
    A clarification before continuing I put everything on spoilers because there's a lot to read, many pictures and I didn't want to overload you with one big post!

    Who Am I?
    I'm a Simmer for more than 10 years and I loooove to build anything on the Sims! I do enjoy building houses and Community lots but sometimes I might get bored from them so I really like to challenge myself. I'm also very enthusiastic as a person so this post will have many '!' on it! xD I've done this challenge myself and I really loved it that's why I thought I should share it with you! If you want you can check the outcome here. It's the very first unique challenge that I'm creating so please be easy on me!

    The idea behind the challenge
    I was kinda weirded out of how many Simmers only create (or rush to create a room when a new pack get released). And I was discussing that with my boyfriend and he pointed out that it would be cool if these rooms would combine later together into a house. So I thought about that and how legos are just pieces that when come together to create something bigger and cooler. So I googled Lego House (which I found out that Ed Sheeran has a song and Rupert Grint plays in it so I was like whaaat??) and then I thought you know what is kinda like legos? Tetris. They come together in different shapes and combined they make something. So here I was listening to Ed Sheeran once more with my idea. P.S.: The fact that we were playing Tetris Jenga that night might had helped now that I'm thinking about it :p

    So what's the Challenge??
    You have to create a house using the very well know Tetris shapes. Every block can be 3x3 only. You can rotate them horizontally or vertically (NOT DIAGONALLY - that's cheating y'all, trying to get extra tiles to work with) and create something unique and never existed before. But there's a catch. It's not that easy. There are rules for it.

    Rules of the Challenge
    • You shall not use different shapes apart from the shapes that Tetris has (check the "Acceptable Shapes / Examples of the Shape Dimensions" for the shapes). You can rotate them vertically and horizontally. (again not diagonally)
    • Two Tetris shapes must NOT overlap.
      1.jpg * See how in the second example, the top block part of the blue shape and the one in the top left of the red shape overlap to create the purple? That's a no-no!
    • Every Tetris shape must only have one type of a room (ex. Kitchen cannot be in the same shape as the Bathroom)
    • You can separate a Tetris shape, but ONLY on the blocks. Meaning? You can separate the T shape for two I one horizontal and one vertical so you will be left with two rooms one 3x9 and one 3x3.
      2.jpg * At the first image of the acceptable separation shapes you can see all the possible separations of that specific Tetris Shape. You can remove any of these wall and still be an acceptable shape. These walls are the only possible walls that you can put on that specific Tetris Shape and still be an acceptable one. Any other walls placed there will make it an unacceptable one.
    • You shall not move the separated Tetris Shapes. They must remain together they're good friends!
    • Two Tetris Shapes must be separated by something visible (fence/ half wall/ wall) *apart from exterior walkways or plants (it wouldn't look well otherwise)
    • A Tetris Shape that it's separated into Blocks is ok to have different rooms. Which means you can have different type of rooms into the Blocks.
    • The Tetris Shapes must be colored different on the exterior. You can have two same colored Tetris shapes but they must NOT be right next to each other.
    • You cannot put stuff outside the Tetris Shapes, which includes the exterior of the house as well.
    • Everything must be a Tetris shape (Sample shapes can be found on the "Acceptable Shapes / Examples of the Shape Dimensions")
    • Two Tetris shapes can be as far apart as you want or one next to each other
    • The Tetris House must have at least what is needed for a Sim to Survive.
    • It's not necessarily to be a house, if you want you can make a club, a library anything! As long as you're creative and the rules still stand for it! For example for the Library you can separate the book/studying area with the computer area with a half wall. Just keep the rules in your head while doing it and share it after with us! :D
    • It's not necessary for every Tetris Shape or Block to have furniture in there, it can be left empty.
    • You must not have, if it is even one 'pixel' off the Tetris Shape/ Block, an object/staircase. Everything must be inside the Shapes/Blocks and if a wall is placed around the Shape/Block with MOO off the object/staircase must remain where. Basically if you cannot put it with MOO OFF it shouldn't be there. It doesn't matter if it is for decoration purposes or if it's usable. It shouldn't be there. Nothing should exist outside the Tetris Shapes.
    • The Tetris Shapes isn't necessary to be fenced or walled but the shape of them must be distinguished somehow. For example terrain Painting can be used for marking the shape of a Tetris Shape/Block.
      5.jpg *Why the top one isn't an acceptable shape? Because you can see that there are squares that are not covered in something. There's no visible outline of the shape. While the one on the far left, you can see that's outlined by toilets. There's not even a half square that it's not outlined.
    Those are all the rules! If you have any questions feel free to ask them down below, I'll gladly answer all of them! :D

    Acceptable Shapes / Examples of the Shape Dimensions
    Here I'll only put the Dimensions and the Acceptable Shapes of the Tetris Blocks when they're Horizontal, you can see an example on how they look Vertically as well. I think it's quite obvious how the shapes would look like Vertically and their dimensions, but if you want I can add the vertical shapes and their dimensions here as well. But again do not rotate them vertically!
    P.S. Sorry for cramping everything in one picture but there's a limit of 5 per post.

    Still haven't get the difference between a Shape and a Block? Read here.
    So, let me explain it a bit clearer to you with the hope that you'll understand and that I'm not awful at it!
    6.jpg The right part of the photo is a Tetris Shape. See the lighted area? That's an entire shape. Now look at the left part of the photo. You can see a 3x3 lighted part of the entire Tetris Shape, the 3x3 lighted part is the block. So a block is a 3x3 box, all the Tetris Shapes have small squares to separate them, so those little squares are blocks. The Tetris Shape is the entire shape, the T, the O, the Z and so go on.

    I know that in the game Tetris Blocks are called the shapes that you use but for some reason for me it made more sense the shapes that you'll use on the Tetris game as well as the shapes that you're going to create to be called shapes and not blocks and the small squares of the shapes to be called blocks. Don't judge me, I'm weird my mind thinks with a different way.

    If you want to make it more difficult:
    So if you want to take it to the next level you can do the following:
    - Make the similar Tetris Shapes the same color on the outside. (as the game is, I want give you exact colors since they're different in each game)
    - Don't separate the Tetris Shapes on the inside (again you can only separate them on the blocks) which means you'll have to work for example with an O shape 6x6 bathroom and not a 3x3 bathroom and the rest bedroom.
    - Extra suggestions are more than welcome, I'll add any of them here!

    So that's the challenge! If you have any suggestions on improving it please leave them down below and I'll make the changes! :D
    If you're planing on doing the challenge please share your creations down below (Youtube Video / Origin Account or Link) and use the #TetrisChallenge so I have find them and fave them all! ^.^
    Thanks for reading sorry I'm sorry if I tire you, I tried to make it interesting to read and kinda fun but I'm sure that I failed because I'm a "Chandler" and I make jokes only when I'm uncomfortable -which for me is 24/7- :oops:

    Please leave your comments and thoughts about the challenge, they'll honestly make my day and I'll love you for it! :heartts4:

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  2. Vane

    I like the sound of this challenge. Don't know how I would fill most of the space though. I usually build tiny houses which would easily fit in one shape. :p

    One thing... If we stand the pieces vertically, they won't save as piece shaped rooms, unfortunately. They would save as 2+ rooms based on number of floors and dividing walls.

    Also... "Every Tetris shape must only have one type of a room (ex. Kitchen cannot be in the same shape as the Bathroom)" and yet we can divide up shapes to make more than one room? So I could make 2 bedrooms or 2 bathrooms in one shape, but not a bedroom & bathroom or a kitchen & dining room?
  3. Maks Bee

    I am defintiely going to try this! It seems like it would be super fun!! :D
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  4. TriangularRoom

    This sounds like an interesting challenge :)
    • Thank you! Thank you! x 1
  5. Kriint
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    Staff Member

    This only took me few months to answer!

    The Tetris Shape if placed correctly even vertically it still can be divider into 4 blocks which is fine! Just remember to keep the 3x3 rule for the blocks! You can put anything you want to a shape as long as it's divided by the 3x3 blocks, just not kitchen bathroom in the same block. I probably wrote that wrongly! Hope this clears it a bit?
  6. Amylia

    Oh this looks like fun. I'll give it a go later on tonight and upload some pics when I'm done. Thanks for the idea.
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  7. Kriint
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    Staff Member

    Glad you like it! I'll be looking forward to see it! :D

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