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Tip for Cheap *and* Easy Plasma Packs

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Vampires' started by SnarkyWitch, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth Storyteller

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    If you play with vampires a lot, you'll know how much more difficult it is to play a good vampire who doesn't drink plasma from Sims than it is to play an evil vampire who has no qualms about just compelling whatever unlucky Sim happens to be nearby for a deep drink. This is because plasma alternatives like plasma fruit and plasma packs aren't as satisfying as plasma directly from a Sim. This is by design, not a bug or poorly thought out mechanic. Naturally, a vampire who doesn't want to drink plasma from humans would have a harder time surviving; they'd constantly be fighting their thirst, always on the verge of flying into a frenzy and attacking a Sim when the thirst becomes unbearable.

    Normally, there are three main ways to satisfy a good vampire's thirst:
    • Ordering Plasma Packs through the computer.
    • Making your own Plasma Packs out of fish or frogs.
    • Growing and harvesting plasma fruit.
    All of these have their fair share of problems.
    • Plasma Packs cost $50 a piece when ordered through the computer. This might not be a big deal to the vampire who just wants to carry a couple plasma packs on them as backup in case there isn't any prey nearby, but to the good vampire who relies on plasma packs as their main food source? That gets very expensive very quickly, especially since it takes about three or four plasma packs to fully satisfy a vampire's thirst (assuming they don't have the Sloppy Drinker or Insatiable Thirst weaknesses, then they'd need even more).
    • For the good vampire on a budget, they can go fishing or frog hunting and use the fish and frogs they catch to make their own plasma packs, but unless your vampire is really passionate about fishing or collecting frogs, this is a massive waste of their time. Who wants to spend an eternity fishing just to stave off thirst for one more day? That's no fun. Vampires should be having the time of their undead lives, doing cool vampire things like sparring and studying Vampire Lore, learning to play the Pipe Organ and using their super cool vampire powers.
    • Sure, you can grow a small orchard of plasma fruit in your yard and even hire a gardener to do most of the work for you in caring for your precious life-giving trees, but plasma fruit is the least effective thirst quencher. You'd have to down 20 of these strange glowing fruits or more just to mostly satisfy your thirst. That's a lot of plasma fruit you need to be growing and harvesting constantly to keep up with demand.
    Clearly, good vampires need a better solution. One that doesn't involve the Watcher typing in some strange mystical code into a magic box to intervene on behalf of their undead charges, one that doesn't take up most of a vampire's afterlife and one that won't leave your vampire broke.

    Here is the cheap, easy, 100% legit (no cheats) alternative to stock up a good vampire with all the plasma packs s/he'll ever need:
    • Buy the plain fish bowl that came with the unpatched base game for $60.
    • Click on the fish bowl and select Purchase Fish
    • The cheapest fish you can buy is the Guppy for $15. Select the Guppy.
    • Click on the fish bowl again and select Move Fish to Inventory
    • Repeat until you have the desired amount of fish
    • Click the fish and select Create Plasma Pack
    If you buy 99 guppies at $15 a piece to make into plasma packs, that comes out to be $1,485 for 99 plasma packs. To put that in perspective, if you were to buy the same number of plasma packs through the computer for $50 a piece, that works out to $4,950. That's a whopping $3,465 difference! You're saving over three thousand simoleans every time you stock up your good vampire on plasma packs using this method AND saving your vampire a bunch of time fishing and frog catching.

    I hope that helps your good vampires stay good without breaking their bank accounts or wasting all that time they'd rather spend doing more fun things than fishing and frog-catching. :)
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  2. friendsfan36


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    if i play vampires i'll use the tip. i don't play them a lot because i forget about the sun.
  3. Absafraginlootly

    Absafraginlootly Premium Member

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    Wow, thanks, i hadn't tried a good vampire because of these problems but now i just might.

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