Tips on making Island Paradise Playable

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Tatiana, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. Tatiana
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    Tatiana Procrastinator Extraordinaire
    Staff Member

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share what I did when I was playing Sims 3 to make Island Paradise have less lag and be more playable. The things below are what I did and I had very little lag or issues with this expansion.


    Go into edit town mode and do the following:

    • Spanish resort - remove the fence around the trees in the middle of the pool. Sims are drawn to whatever is there and will lag trying to see it.
    • Hobart's - if you are not playing this lot then change it to "no-visitors" allowed or replace it. It is a laggy mess.
    • Romantic houseboat - remove the palm trees blocking the road between it and the other houseboat, the trees cause a routing failure. The trees are located between the Port Primavera and Port Pescado
    • Medina household - evict them and then place a fence around the top of the stairs but make sure they can still use the stairs. The little girl route fails trying to go to the ledge where the stairs are located. Remove their spiral staircase and the garage door. Put them back into their house.
    • Ithaca household - evict them and remove all spiral staircases, they don't need to use the upper floors and the stairs cause routing failures. Remove everything on the upper floors so they won't want to visit them. You can remake the rec room into a bedroom. Put them back into their house.
    • Collins household - evict them and remove the ladder going to the very top floor. Remove everything up there. I kept getting route failure notifications because of that ladder. Put them back into their house.
    • Go to every houseboat that you are not playing and remove their steering wheels. I have seen NPCs moving their homes and getting stuck in unroutable channels causing massive lags. They don't need to be moving their house boats.
    • I highly suggest editing all houses and checking those spiral staircases, most of them are turned wrong and Sims can't use them but keep trying and it causes routing failure lag.
    Now go into live mode and do the following:

    Use the cheat to discover all islands, this removes the clouds which is a known lag issue.

    Use the NRAAS Master Controller mod to annihilate the Scott family (you can't just delete them because they are hard coded into the game and will cause issues, they have to be completely removed using the mod). This family is bugged and then delete their houseboat so nobody moves into it. It is located at Port Perilous.

    Use the NRAAS register mod to remove horses and wild animals from your world. The game loves to put multiple horses on houseboats. Obviously, this will cause routing issues. If there is a spot that is a routing nightmare (and there are several) then wild animals (strays) will find them and get stuck.

    I did all of this and had very little lag other than the ones caused at 3am when everything resets or when the town is on the move (going to work, school, etc). The lag is no worse than it is in any other EA world.

    Also, once you have finished doing all of this then you will want to save a copy of this world before you create your household. Move that copy to a folder called "Worlds" inside your EA folder but not the Sims 3 folder. Then whenever you want to play in IP, all you have to do is copy/paste this already fixed up world into your Sims 3 saves folder, rename the world (example would be AdamsIP if you are going to create a household named Adams). Launch the game and play straight away without having to make any changes.

    I did this for all my TS3 worlds, created master worlds after I had fixed their issues and set them up the way I wanted. It saved a ton of hassle and time fixing the buggy worlds before playing.

    Links to NRAAS Mods that will help improve your game play:

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  2. SimmerDownSouth

    Staff Member

    Awesome info, @Tatiana!! It was always such a bummer that Island Paradise would lag and crash - this should help lots of people!
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  3. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    Oh my MAKER, you just saved my life @Tatiana, even after getting my game to run pretty well in every other world, I still can't play Isla Paradiso without pulling my hair out. I used to use cheats to remove the fog around the hidden islands but that alone only helped a small amount. Then I got desperate and downloaded a version of the world with no Sims or houses, just the basic venues you need to do your everyday stuff and that ran great except there were no Sims to rescue in the ocean for the Lifeguard career which was horrible.

    Thank you so much.
  4. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    #4 SnarkyWitch, Mar 1, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
    So I just tried to do this and for the palm trees between Port Primavera and Port Pescado, I can't figure out how to delete them since you can't edit those ports. Did you use a cheat to unlock them for editing?

    Also, I can't delete the steering wheels in the houseboats even with the moveobjects on cheat.

    EDIT: Guess whose game crashed right as she finished doing all this prep work for this world? THIS GAL! I would be frustrated but honestly I'm so tired that it sent me into a fit of hysterical laughter, just the cruelty of it crashing the second I finish doing all this, I can't, lmao.

    Anyway, I figured out some things that I thought would help you with the tutorial.

    • I'm an idiot and didn't realize you can use the World Editor to delete trees and other objects that aren't on a lot. Welp, that solves the palm tree dilemma, lol. You might want to mention using the World Editor for that one for the not-so-smart among us like me, aha, woops.
    • For the steering wheels, I did figure it out but the process is longer and more annoying than I initially thought. The steering wheels aren't deletable, not even with MOO activated. The only way to get rid of them is by using "testingcheatsenabled true" then right-click on the steering wheel and select Object > Delete It. The thing with this cheat is you could theoretically just zoom around to all the houses using both Live and Map mode, deleting all the steering wheels you see on all the boats except that some of the steering wheels are inside the boats, not outside on a deck which means the house is closed off to you unless your Sim gets invited inside by a Sim that lives there or if you switch control to that household. Alternatively, you can use Master Controller to open up the house for you which is a bit easier but still a bit of a pain to do for every houseboat. Anyway, that one took a really long time for me to figure out so you might want to add a bit there to show people how to delete the steering wheels.
    • For the tip about checking all the houses for spiral staircases that are turned the wrong way, I did that and was happy to see that every house in the world seemed to have their staircases turned the right way. The only problematic ones were the ones you outlined for specific households in previous steps so I think it might actually be safe to just do those and skip checking every single house. :)
    So yeah, sorry for all the rambliness but I thought some of what I found out while doing these steps might help you with the guide/tutorial. Thanks so much for the tips, I never would have thought about half these things in the first place.

    P.S: It made me want to cry removing everything from the upper floors of the Ithaca household, that castle is breathtaking. It's such a shame that it's a routing nightmare. I'll have to set aside a day to see if I can salvage it to keep its beauty and make it livable for Sims because I'm in love with the place.
  5. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    Just an update that after taking all the steps you suggested, Isla Paradiso runs as well as any other EA world, yay! I've been playing a legacy and the first child of my second generation just became a teen. His mom (my founder) didn't even have him until she was like a day away from becoming a mature adult so I've been playing this file for quite a while now and the world still runs well. To top it off, she had four more children after her son. She had one daughter, then a set of triplets right after so there was a point where I had four toddlers in the house at the same time and now I have a household of 7 and my game still runs well. I'm amazed!
  6. TheAfricanSim

    Just wanted to thank you Tatiana for writing out these tips and @SnarkyWitch for adding some notes on how to make them work - it has helped me immensely, I've only just started playing Sims 3 today literally and so was a little lost - after a relatively efficient Sims 4 engine, I wanted to make sure the TS3 experience was as smooth as possible (I know it's buggy but still! A lot of people I know have routing issues and still are entertaining and beautiful lol).

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