[TS4: Jungle Adventure] New Deaths

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure' started by Adamskii6, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. Adamskii6

    *None of this is confirmed by EA!

    Could we be getting THREE new deaths with this Game Pack? We all know about the deadly bees and the venomous spiders, but will the spiders be deadly? I also assume the skeletons will pose some serious threat, along with the traps. You can even see in the trailer that when the girl is shot with a dart, she thinks about the grim reaper!

    I think we're getting; Death by bees, death by spiders, death by fire (traps), death by dart (dart), death by electrocution (if you try to pass through locked doors) and death by a skeleton, which makes you become one yourself, wearing all your clothes since skeletons can wear clothing. I mean, why else add the feature of giving them clothes, right?

    How many deaths do you think we're getting?

  2. Nuclearxpotato

    I imagine there's just a Death by Trap or Death by Venom to cover the new deaths (Fire and Electrocution will probably work like how you said). The skeletons will probably have a version of the Mummy's Curse from TS3:WA, but it won't really act as a full-fledged death... rather just an Occult Conversion (like being turned by a Vampire).

    I also think that skeletons will only be able to wear certain accessories rather than clothing for one big reason. All clothing in all Sims are based around replacing the Sims' body parts with a new model rather than putting clothing on top of it. This means that Skeletons won't be able to wear dresses, shirts, pants, socks, etc. Skeletons can wear hats, jewellery, bracelets, etc because they're models added on to the Sim rather than replacing it like clothes (this may also include shoes, but many shoes are open-toed so I doubt it).
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  3. Adamskii6

    I agree that those death types may be the ones we get, but I hope that's not the cases because I like deaths to be specific.

    As with the CAS skeleton thing, I think clothing could be an option since you can make super skinny (basically skeletal) sims, and they can wear clothes. I'm interested in seeing how this will work!
  4. NaterXander

    NaterXander Writer
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    I'm not sure how many deaths we'll get, but hopefully quite a few. With World Adventures we only got the mummy curse death, which was super cool. It was super lame, though, that the traps didn't kill your sims. No matter how many times you caught them on fire, electrocuted them, or shot them with darts, they would always just pass out for a bit. It was lame. Hopefully this time around traps will actually pose a threat, and not just a threat we have to force aka force our sim to get hit with darts like 5 times in a row just for them to die.

    SimGuruNinja already said on Twitter that we can't customize skeletons in CAS. You can cheat to get them in CAS, but any changes you make to them (placing hats, accessories, etc) will disappear when you return to Live Mode.

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