Useless Butler?

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour' started by SnarkyWitch, May 26, 2017.

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  1. SnarkyWitch

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    I absolutely adore this pack, I decided to treat myself to it the other day and OH. EM. GEE, everything is right up my alley in terms of style. My three favourite styles are boho, victorian, and jazz age. We have plenty of boho and victorian stuff already so this classic Hollywood, Roaring Twenties kind of look is so dazzlingly refreshing.

    My only gripe is with the butler. Maybe I just happened to get a lazy one, but she does absolutely nothing. She barely cleans. I have to nag at her to clean in order to make her do so. She's horrible at taking care of children. I had to turn child care off for her because all she'd do is stand around the bassinet babbling and cooing at the babies instead of actually changing or feeding them and she was in the way when I tried to intervene and look after the babies properly.

    Of course, after I disabled child care, that's when she suddenly decided to take a real interest in the kids and she continued to get in the way by giving them animal crackers all the time when I don't allow my toddlers to eat sugary snacks because it makes them hyper, then cranky. She'd take them out of the high chair when I was trying to feed them, too.

    I think I've seen her repair a broken object like... once? The only thing she's decent at is remembering to cook at least one meal a day, but since my Sim is a vampire who gets sick from eating human food, the butler just ends up eating it herself and leaves the rest of the platter to rot on the counter. Now that the twins are children (and don't appear to have inherited their mother's vampirism), maybe the butler's cooking will become more useful.

    Praising her and reprimanding her seem to do nothing significant. Are all the butlers this useless and incompetent or did I just get a dud? I'd hate to fire her because she has a good relationship with my Sim but ugh, she's not worth the money I'm paying her.
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    i use mine for more dramatic stories.
  3. Opal Octavia

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    Butlers always seem to be totally useless!!
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