Discussion in 'Posts Discussion' started by Rayneta Howard, Aug 25, 2017.

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  1. Rayneta Howard
    Very Flirty

    i’m actually ok with it. (Although a optional switch to turn the feature of controlling them on and off would have satisfied everyone's need) but i might be interesting not being able to predict what they will do. im mean we will still be able to see their needs. and i like how realistic the game has been getting. i love it. all the vampires fairies and aliens. crazy go to the future stuff was too much for me and i only purchased the games for the clothing or furniture/interactions but could never get into them. so the fact the pets are unplayable is a tad bit easier seeing how my house would be a disaster keeping up with everyone. i modded my games with more than 8 sims sooooo not worrying about the pets is cool. But like said above being able to turn this feature on/off would be nice. i tend to mod my sims lives really long at the start of a new family of a single sim or two. I like to play as a young adult for what seems like years. partying dating creating long life friends and career changes because most young adults don't know what they want to be in life and have 2 or 3 different jobs between 18-25 (another reason i cant wait for university). i try my best to make it seem real for me as much as possible. have a them work as a fast food attendant, barista while gaining various skills and living in smaller gross apartments and slowly upgrading it along with their careers. hanging out with friends drinking. you know work my way up in life with stepping stones. so having a cute furry companion to play might be fun to play in the beginning and switching it off to do their own thing once marriage and kids come in the but on another note i do however do wish they would have added minor pets. hamsters. birds. snakes. fish i can actually feed and die . also rodents would have been great for the tlc lots. and random squirrels and birds at the parks would have been cool too. (having small interactions with them like feed. watch them.the pets chase them.having feeders and houses in your yard watch them come and go inside small bird houses or tiny tree house having small relationship with them but not being able to add the to the household maybe them having one or two babies and die like everything else) i love to see another pack integrating this and a pet store career. create a pet wheel is super awesome looove that. and making them unplayable will probably make the game run smoother. i highly doubt they are finished with game packs stuff packs and expansions. im enjoying getting a little at a time in cheaper packs. i get paid monthly and buying a 20 0r 10 buck game pack is a lot easier than a 40 all the time. im still playing catch up. have about 4 packs i haven’t bought yet. im happy with them and the way the dish out the smaller packs and stuff. its just my opinion and i totally understand why people are upset but im just over here enjoying this. Any other ideas for added packs and game play are welcomed.


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