When to age up sims?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustaTurtleDuck, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. JustaTurtleDuck

    hi! i play with aging turned off, and i was wondering when others who play with aging turned off age up their sims? i currently have 3 teenagers and i'm not really sure when would be the best time to age them up, or if there are certain things i should make sure they do before they officially become adults.

  2. cowplantdemise

    Never really put any thought into this, but I figure once you're sick of them being teens is a good time.
  3. Nomiko13
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    I plan on aging them up once all packs are released for TS4. Don't want my sims to miss out on anything lol. Plus, I think the lifespans are too short anyway.

    But, to be honest, the only one I aged up was my baby, into a toddler.
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  4. Kai Chen

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    Once they have boyfriends/girlfriends.
  5. marixinex

    I turn off aging for my played household so I can age them up at their birthday parties. I like to let them live long lives so they can learn skills and get good grades in school, and make a lot of friends. I like to make it real lol.
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  6. turquoise

    having this same 'problem' of not knowing when to age up my sims atm, hah! normally, i've been playing sims 4 with aging turned on and the normal lifespan, but i've been getting bored really quickly. i used to make a sim or a family and build their house, have them get a job and play for a couple sim days and then start over with a new one.

    now i'm sort of doing a generation thing, where each generation has to complete a career (i chose the career because the life aspirations are fairly easy, but i struggle with the careers tbh). i have auto aging for the neighborhood turned off, so only my active household is ageing.
    that worked fine with the first generation, i played the entire normal lifespan and was pretty successful in completing their jobs etc. but i really love how the second generation turned out and i really like the sims, their friends and how they turned out. so i put all of the auto age-ing on off. one of them is already at the top of their career and an adult, the other is currently level 7 or 8 (i can't remember exactly) and still a young adult, their daughter is a teen now and i'm just liking it the way it is. i figure i'm probably going to age the young adult up soon and have the teen daughter age up as well and move out.
    it's time to move on, but i can't seem to say good bye. i've never had sims i enjoyed playing with this much. i'm even exploring things with them which never interested me before, such as gardening.

    the teenage daughter has a maxed out comedy skill and with the previous generation, they had one skill maxed out as well, preferably one that'll be useful for their future job. other than that, i normally age them up once i'm short on money (i don't cheat money) and that sim will need to take a job.
  7. Pint Sized Nerd

    I usually age up babies as soon as their born.

    I age up toddlers when they're done with all their skills.

    I age up children when they finish their aspiration and it's corresponding skills (but I've been known to max out all skills before aging up).

    My teens usually gets jobs, so after they finish that job's promotions.
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  8. friendsfan36

    i usually age them once thy complete the aspiration. i play with aging off too.

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