Why Get to Work is a Half-Baked Expansion

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Get to Work' started by Sims4news, Jul 25, 2015.

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  1. Sims4news

    Sims4news Guest

    Bakeries and similar stores don’t seem to make sense with the way the retail system is designed in Get to Work. In real life, you show up to a bakery and buy your food quickly…but Get to Work makes you work for each sale. While this is a great feature for art galleries and furniture stores, it simply doesn’t make sense for selling cheaper craftables like baked goods. Spending three hours to convince a Sim to buy a $5 cupcake just doesn’t make sense, especially when they could be buying a $400 couch after the same 3 hours.

    But that's not all. Sims can get sick but can't visit a doctor at the hospital. Sims can be criminals in the base game, but they can't be arrested or taken to the new police station (as only Detectives can visit during work hours). There’s a new world, but it’s only four lots. Even aliens, a cool, new addition, are restricted to two space-y outfits for no apparent reason (they might've changed that in the patch, but still).

    There are no new traits or aspirations, so Sims who are Scientists or have retail shops have to choose random traits and aspirations that have nothing to do with their professions, skills, or life goals. This feels like a huge misstep...it's like the game itself does not support new content.

    It feels like the new features in Get to Work are so limited that they exist, but just barely. They aren’t fleshed out in the way that they should be; they only seem like a distraction from the base game, when they should be building off of it. In the end, the expansion is entertaining, but it has the same issues as The Sims 4: it hasn’t nearly reached it’s potential.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. jasminelove

    Premium Member

    I absolutely agree with you. You took the words right out of my mouth. With this expansion, and The Sims 4 in general, I feel like everything is "almost". It all has potential, and it's almost there, but not quite. It feels empty, and like much more detail could've been put into it. I would love to see my sims get arrested, and I think that would've added some really funny animations. Also, I was beyond irritated with the lack of traits because I feel like I've used all of them over and over again. There could be some really awesim (lol) potential traits to go along with the emotions system. Hopefully the next expansion pack makes up for it. Get To Work was fun for a few days, while it was shiny and new, but I just ignore the careers/retail now.
  3. Liamer01

    Liamer01 Moderator

    I agree I feel the Careers are as good as they get but when it comes to retail its a bit of a mess. The Base of the retail system is good but there are just small issues I have such as the Sims using the tablet to ring up customers instead of the frankly pointless Cash Register and the wait for Customers is tiny TBH I can only play it with tweaking mods.
  4. jovjovan
    Very Inspired

    jovjovan Founder
    Staff Member

    Graphic Designer
    I kinda agree with you on this one. If they added features from @Zerbu's Turbo Careers mod the EP would be on point.
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  5. NaterXander

    NaterXander Writer
    Staff Member

    Some of their design choices are certainly strange. Sick sims not being able to go to the hospital is definitely the weirdest oversight in my eyes. The detective career is way too repetitive will little to do differently each day which is sad because that's the one I was most looking forward too. I feel like this expansion shouldn't have been the first one and been developed longer to flesh it out more.
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  6. pearlbh

    Freelance Writer
    I agree that you have to work too hard for sales, and that's why I wasn't crazy about Open for Business in Sims 2. But I have discovered with Get to Work that if you ignore customers they often WILL buy something eventually. It depends a lot on your personal relationship with them. If they're a friend, you can get them to buy much faster and dont' have to hang around giving them sale pitches all day.
  7. Geekchic36

    Premium Member

    Simmer and Parent
    Agreed, and also want some new traits! Remember in most of the Sims 3 EP's, you got some new traits nearly every time? Why can't this be done with Sims 4? Sick of using the same ones now, plus kids really need more than the few that they have!
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  8. MRTSims

    MRTSims Unicorn Enthusiast
    Platinum Member

    An Actor in my dreams .-.
    I totally agree! To me it needed much more and could have been further improved. Maybe it being the first expansion pack wasn't the best choice since they could have done way more
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  9. jasminelove

    Premium Member

    I agree! every pack should have at least 1 trait, in my opinion. they can come up with SOMETHING to go along with the theme of the pack.
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  10. Daisy B.
    Very Happy

    Ultimate Member

    I definitely agree!!! When my sims get sick, they didn't go to the doctor like NPC's do, they just order medicine which doesn't make any sense to me. Also I think that if your sim is a criminal they might get arrested if they have low work performance or something, and then they would go to prison for a couple hours and they have that list of things to do like in the active careers. That seems like what they should've done. It also makes the game more realistic and interesting. Also you can say "My sims weird uncle went to jail".
  11. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen Not taking custom mod requests.
    Staff Member

    I feel retail was short-changed. Sims don't even seem to pay for purchases (unless they are giving away sensitive bank data to the assistants using tablets) and when your own sims buy something, the retail experience is non-existent.

    I owned a bakery in The Sims 2 and 3. I have no desire in The Sims 4. No one sits and eats. And why should you negotiate for half an hour to buy a muffin?
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  12. SnarkyWitch

    SnarkyWitch Coffee junkie and professional loudmouth

    The only thing I really have a problem with is sick Sims not being able to go to a hospital to get diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Why even have an illness system at all, then? I also wanted a new death by illness type but that's not even a thing, either. I can't stand the way they put all that together.

    Otherwise I love everything else about the expansion. I love the careers, the new objects, the aliens (now that the patch fixed those horrible CAS restrictions, before that I hated playing them), the baking skill, the photography skill (though it's a bit strange that the skill only goes up to 5, but I guess I'm okay with it, there's still so much stuff for photography, I love it). As for the bakeries, I don't really find it that weird. I usually just have my Sims maintain the store (clean shelves and restock) and customers start buying things on their own in droves about halfway through the work day so I always make a good profit without trying to push sales on anyone.
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  13. Wysidia

    I agree with you, OP. I lost interest in the expansion pack about a month after purchase. I'm hoping the team will add a patch later on to improve the bakery because I haven't had any desire to make one. It really doesn't hold a candle to its predecessors.
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  14. Kaleidow

    Premium Member

    I totally agree with you. I am currently Let's Playing the expansion pack and was losing interest in the pack by episode 3! Bakeries are an absolute hassle, they definitely need to patch the baked goods, or maybe when we set an item "for sale" we can set what type of item they are? That would be good, it would also be an easier way for the game to tell the difference between items and the "waiting time" to purchase. I also realised that many of the active careers are replicas of each other, slightly different but there are many aspects that are just too similar. I loved how diverse TS3 Ambitions careers were, I realise they were trying to make a Ambitions + TS2 Open for Business hybrid, but it just feels like they took some aspects from each of those games and smushed them together without any real effort...
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  15. Kaleidow

    Premium Member

    Let's all just hope and pray that the next expansion pack will be less rushed out!! :oops:
  16. Sims4news

    Sims4news Guest

    That's very true! The Ambitions careers were so fleshed out...the Get to Work ones are 90% going on the computer, using that Element/DNA/Evidence Scanner object that they lazily attached to all three careers, and a few extra interactions.
  17. Lauren

    Premium Member

    Yess. But I feel like they're not really rushing expansion packs right now, the Get To Work one did came out quite fast.
  18. Jacob_Frittata

    A+ for the thread name
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  19. Rjillrn

    Clinical Informaticist
    I totally agree. We need new traits and new aspirations. And children should have more options.
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  20. AlexPiercePlays

    I also agree. I mean I kind of feel like the sims 4 in all was a bit rushed. I feel like they are giving us free updates with things that should have already been in the base game. Also it kind of bugs me that the whole door locks kind of suck for the sims 4. I had the mod and I felt like the mod maker did a better job at making door locks for the sims 4 then the actually sims 4 team. Also I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if its been patched but all my photographs are worth like 20 simoleons and even if my markup is 100% it doesn't change a thing. How am I supposed to make a living off that ! :I
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