Will more active careers be added?

Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Get to Work' started by SnarkyWitch, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Starri

    At this point, I doubt it.

  2. Nayec5

    One year and a half later of the first post in this thread we can see that some of our wishes were heard, they included 3 new semi-active careers in City Living:
    - Politician
    - Food or Art Critic
    - Social Media.
    I like the way these careers were made or your sim goes to work or works at home, with some goals to make to reach the next level in the career. They should add more careers like these ones.

    With Dine out our sims can be the owners of a restaurant which is like another job (the boss heheehe) and another sims that you have can be the chefs or waiters in a restaurant too. You can't control them while working (only the owner of the restaurant), but is fun to see them working if you go to the restaurant with another family or if you play like the owner. Besides, if any sims ask those sims "what do you do to earn a living?" it appears something like this...

    Chef Keliko.JPG
    I translate, don't worry, "Lin has known that Keliko is chef in Sol Naciente" (name of the chinesse restaurant).

    You can see below, Keliko working. I can control all of those sims you see in the image.


    In the next expansion Cats and Dogs they will include Vets, this one is not exactly a career because the Vet clinic is like a business and we don't know too much about it yet, but it seems very interesting. :D

    I'd like to have a stylists or fashion designers in the game too, it may be very useful and funny to be able to change the look of the townies with more sense, more real, that only using the CUS, because they don't have any idea how to dress. :confused:


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  3. Ayser Croft

    Honestly, i'd love to see more active careers and i feel like Get To Work could have delivered more than just 3 active careers, well.. 2.. since the detective career is pretty much broken and unplayable for the vast majority of us.
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  4. Faith05201

    I hope the Vet career will be great!
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  5. morathami
    Very Happy

    With the Cats and Dogs expansion pack coming, I expected the vet career will be fun:)
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